Infinity Skies Falls From Grace; Bankruptcy Ends BNB Chain Project

Infinity Skies is the latest victim of the prolonged crypto winter as the team filed for bankruptcy for the project on BNB Chain.

Infinity Skies, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game on BNB Chain, was forced to halt the project due to financial issues.

After a strong start last October and staking pools filling out within hours last month, the core team behind Infinity Skies has informed its community that financial problems have brought the BNB Chain project to a halt. Much to the dismay of its community, the bear market caught up with the team as they announced through their Discord server that they have recently filed for bankruptcy.

“Our plans to do a fundraising round through land sales this year had to be delayed due to market conditions,” Marcccz said in his announcement. “This made us explore different avenues to obtain funding to support development, none of which bore fruit. Financially, we were forced to launch the sale regardless of market conditions. And unfortunately it did not succeed. As such, last week we truly were out of all options to keep the dream alive and filed for bankruptcy.”

The announcement came as a shock and disappointment to their community, who trusted the team and its vision. The team was in the middle of their Land Sale just as the announcement came out. There is a glimmer of hope that the project can continue. However, that decision is not in the hands of the game developers at the moment.

“All decisions are in the hands of the curator from this moment onwards and as such we can’t make any further comments on the situation, we will try our best to keep you informed through curator-approved announcements like this one,” Marcccz continued. “If you might be interested or know any party that might be interested we would greatly appreciate receiving an offer for the IP or an introduction to another party.”

The project can progress under new management, but it has yet to be seen if a different party would be willing to continue Infinity Skies. Nonetheless, the team thanked the community for its support up to this point.

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