Infinity Skies Chief Drops by Twitter Spaces for Exclusive Updates

PlaytoEarn project Infinity Skies provide a detailed glimpse into what’s coming from their exciting project.

Turning Time Into Money

BSC News welcomed Infinity Skies CEO Mark Bruinsma for a revealing and informative Twitter spaces chat. The project founder gave important glimpses into what is coming and the time frame the project is working towards. 

Taking place on January 18, the Twitter spaces was hosted by our very own DeFi Tom and led with an impressive phrase coined by the PlaytoEarn chief ‘turning time into money.’ When quizzed whether the phrase indicates the project is indeed PlaytoEarn, Bruinsma had an intriguing response:

“Infinity skies is definitely a PlaytoEarn game, but not in the way that current PlaytoEarn games are set up,” the Inifinity Skies CEO stated before delving further. “Sky blocks, our new token that launched last week, is going to be difficult to pick up in the game, but players can earn through connecting NFTs. They can use them to build castles to compete in the social competitions or sell them in the marketplace. The NFTs will, of course, have real-world value.” 

This gives users an important indication of the kind of utility NFTs will have.


With NFTs being such a huge aspect of the game and leading how users will earn by playing, Tom expertly enquired about the longer-term vision of the project.

“Infinity Skies is constantly changing and improving, but what I think the ultimate vision would be is to create a place for people where people can socialize with each other, have fun playing games and truly hold and own the assets that they collect in the game,” Bruinsma responded, perhaps underlining the importance of a cohesive gaming community. 

Game development remains firmly on track was the confirmation. While the game demo is pretty well-polished, it is only the beginning of what Infinity Skies will be in the next couple of months, the project chief stated. He even indicated the time frames users can look forward to about the roadmap.

“The current roadmap is pretty up to date, we may be delayed by a couple of weeks.” Bruinsma confirmed.  


NFT Types Within the Game

There will initially be eight different rarities into which the NFTs will fit. These will range from common to royal. The categories will be divided by islands, and the type of islands will dictate the place, whether this be a snow team or a lava team. 

Users were also given some indication about the NFTs on the game. The islands’ environment will be malleable, with chairs, couches, tables, roofs, and floors all up for grabs. 

“Almost everything you can think of will be there. We’re aiming to have 500 unique NFT assets that players will collect.” The project CEO explained. 

The possibilities do indeed seem limitless for users, and many will certainly be looking to pick up a ‘Sky Plot.’ These were described as coordinates within a map, within which there can be one or more islands in. It will be a space for users themselves to build and

Ways to Earn and Other Informative Tidbits

There will be plenty of users who won’t necessarily be looking to play but will be interested in earning from an exciting project such as this. Infinity Skies CEO, Mark Bruinsma, explained that with the NFTs enjoying such high importance in the game, the NFT marketplace can only be utilized with $ISKY, meaning it will continue to enjoy the kind of success the game itself does. 

Other important ways to earn will come through land ownership. Players will have the opportunity to lease out their Sky Plot if they do indeed retain ownership, meaning they will retain payment for the land for a limited time. 

In gaming, conflict can arise all too often, and in a game that trades currency, this can certainly be the case. Users will have the opportunity to preserve their privacy in the gaming experience, it seems. Players of the game will also be able to mute and ban people from their respective castles, should the need arise. There will also be the option to set the place to private, alongside reporting features for users to utilize. 

For a full recording of our informative Twitter spaces with Infinity Skies, you can click here and enjoy.

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What is Infinity Skies?

Infinity Skies falls within the Play to Earn genre, allowing players to set long-term and short-term goals. It takes players to a world above the clouds where they can let their creativity run free, build elaborate castles, and socialize with other players in its metaverse. Players can participate in exciting adventures and earn valuable in-game NFTs. These NFTs can be traded or sold in their dedicated marketplace. Players remain engaged while they earn and have fun. 

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