Infinite Virtual Space AMA Transcript

1. Can you introduce yourself and the team behind IVS?


Hi everyone, my name is Ender, I’m from IVS senior advisory team.

The team members are distributed in different countries, including the United States (blockchain technology development), the United Kingdom, Turkey, Hungary and Dubai (Metaverse education and market growth), a total of more than 20 people.

Our team of advisors come from MIT and Boston University.

2. Can you tell us about the vision or mission of Infinite Virtual Space? For example where do you see the project in 3 years or so?


In the past decade,Web2 equipment and applications had a marvelous development, much of human life has moved online in unprecedented ways. According to a new study on, the average person spends 59 hours a week using the Internet. That’s around eight-and-a-half hours a day.We went to parties on Zoom; We spent billions of collective hours and hundreds of millions of real dollars in applications like Facebook(Meta), Roblox and games produced by Epic Games. Meanwhile, the limitations of non-chain and centralized Metaverse applications are becoming more and more obvious. For example,the metaverse data without the support of on-chain devices is fragile and can be deleted.

IVS is a technical architecture protocol that uses Web3 multi-chain devices, and is effectively combined with infrastructure such as 3D scene constructing engines (supporting VR device) to make meta-universe data anti-fragile and solve the common pain points of Web2. In this unique parallel world, you walk around as an avatar, interacting with other avatars, all social activities can be carried out in it,even some distributed business scenes and financial scenes beyond our imagination, such as Socialfi.


Brilliant! Thank you…we will touch more on some of those points later on.

3. You make the claim ‘IVS is the best blockchain in the world’, what makes you so confident about this?


Well,in fact, I would prefer to say that IVS is  one of the best Web3 metaverse projects in the world.👌

I. Excellent project team

Members have strong technical background and industry experience, and we are going to develop a better and better web3 metaverse project. For achieving this same goal, we always meet online to discuss project development together.

II.Practical Applications.

IVS not only has industry-leading solutions, protocols and concepts, but also has practical applications.

Such as our flagship application,X-Engine, where users can independently design and build different 3D Metaverse scenarios, with great potential for strong economic mobility and governance development.

I would love to share some pics and videos made by our fans


Please do!


4. Amazing! Can you tell us more about X-Engine? Is it comparable to any game engine, scripting or 3d modelling software out there at the moment? I noticed some of the scripting elements may have a GUI similar to scratch?


X-Engine is a  customer-facing application, It’s kind of like game maker.So it’s very easy and convenience for using

Ok,back to my reasons:

III.healthy community ecology

Through the Ambassador Program , IVS has successfully recruited ambassadors from the UK, the US, Russia, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and successfully built a local community, the following here are some community links:



South Africa:




IVS fans are all over the world. Sometimes, there are group discussions, small size offline meetings, online meetings and tea parties.

Last month, I organized a party to welcome the new year, and most of the IVS Turkey node members attended。

IV. Value Sharing Principle

IVS is committed to facilitating the flow of IVS token and distributing them to as many people as possible through a more democratized approach (IVS DAO) so that as many people as possible can enjoy the value of the assets. I would like to tell you that IVS plans to invest $1 million to support the full construction of IVS DAO.

V.IVS will capture the ecological value of Infinite Virtual Space

IVS token is a common virtual value certificate in the diversified scenarios of Infinite Virtual Space. Whether it is the governance authorization of the protocol, or the Web3.0 business incentives and distributed incentives in the metaverse scenario, some of the asset functions will be explained later.


Wow! This is honestly really eye-opening…you have an unbelievable community! Congratulations on your journey so far.

4. Back to X-Engine, are any previous skills required to use it and then deploy (for example) a 3d house for others to explore? For example a barrier to entry to a lot of people is coding skills, does X-Engine require knowledge of c# or javascript for example?


No,It’s very easy to use it, and we have guild instruction for beginners.


Wow! Do users have the option to make their own assets? For example design in Blender and then import into X-Engine?


Yes,sure. Users can make their own assets for sure

And they can upload materials into X-Engine


Great! I think the best thing for people to do may be to download the engine themselves and give it a go? Would you be able to drop a link to where they can download the software?



5. Thank you! Can you tell us about the $IVS token?


$IVS is a governance token for IVS ecology, providing industry leading asset solution, governance mechanism and incentives for Metaverse.

Infinite Virtual Space assets will be multi-chained and the initial asset deployment has been completed on BSC and the asset contract has been audited by Certik, a well-known auditing company around the world

For the protection of token investors, IVS’s token deployment uses multiple signatures to ensure asset security. In total, there are 3 administrator wallets. One of them will be handed over to the IVS Foundation; one will be handed over to the IVS Technical Committee; and the last one will be handed over to the leadership of the DAO.

You can check

Also for security, transparency and innovation considerations in cybersecurity, IVS and Certik have developed a long-term partnership and will receive various technical security advice and support.

A.Circulation token

IVS Token is the most important circulation token in the virtual space of the IVS-MP, and the most important medium of exchange and pricing in diverse IVS ecosystem virtual spaces.

B. DApp voting

Through pledged token voting, DApps and related assets will be allowed to access the IVS-MP.

Voting campaign is one of the core governance functions of IVS Token, and it is also a sign of “decentralization”. This function will be launched after the basic development is completed. In the early stage, the introduction of the DApp of the IVS ecology will be comprehensively decided by the IVS Foundation.

C. Multi-chain governance

By pledged tokens, proposals or votes can also be initiated, and the development of IVS can be decided by the community.

The content of proposal governance includes but not limited to the optimization of the token mechanism, long-term development planning, operation and technological development direction, etc.

D. Incentives

IVS Token will be used to incentive individuals or groups that contribute to the ecology (such as promotion support, development support, patching security vulnerabilities, etc.). These incentives will bring the necessary positive impact to the establishment of a decentralized ecosystem,It is a mature solution in the blockchain industry . 

On the other hand, decentralized applications such as decentralized exchanges (DEX) also need incentive mechanisms to catalyze them, and a part of IVS token will be needed as a preparation.

6. Can you tell us about the tokenomics and also how can users purchase the token?


IVS Token Total Amount: 1,000,000,000

15% Development Team

15% Foundation

 3% Keystone

15% Strategy Round

1% IDO

51% User Incentives

Active incentive: 31%, Passive incentives: 20%

Relevant Date

Asset Deployment: On December 22, $IVS was successfully deployed on the BSC(Bep20) Network.

$IVS Contract Address: 0x0310fe5aebe72308154ad01bf5ec80011cfbfc9c


Great! Can users purchase the token at the moment/has liquidity been added on a DEX?


We will do that in the near future.Don’t worry.

For now, just join our event and we always reward uses IVS token and IVS nft to who make a contribution

7. Great, can you talk us through ‘Atlantis’? 


Before Plato had published the Dialogues, nothing was known about the story of this continent. It was like a wordless book hidden in the chapters of history, making it hard to believe that it’s existence.

It has been said that Atlantis, located on the Atlantic Island near the Strait of Gibraltar from Europe to Gibraltar, was an ancient continent with a highly developed civilization. In the Dialogues, it is claimed that it was destroyed by a prehistoric flood in 10,000 BC.

In 2020, we experienced an unprecedented epidemic, a purge that cost millions of lives, young lives mostly spared, and large numbers of middle-aged and elderly people no longer breathing. Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricanes, the extreme weather that continues to set new all-time records, with every country in the world unable to escape the effects of unusual weather.

Yeah, I think you have felt it — A catastrophe of unparalleled proportions was about to take place, and the world began to vibrate at an accelerated rate.

The lost continent is calling us! With every humancentry’s last decades, it always appears in a different shape. In the Mayan calendar,

today means guided by the power of spirit, a galactic activation portal.

This time, you and I need to board the Ark in IVSpace.

So what does Atlantis in IVS look like?

Atlantis is the first chapter of X-Space (Virtual Land) , – a place where users can acquire and customize their personal SPACE in order to establish and offer their own content within their virtual land. The SPACE is the digital piece of a virtual estate in IVS Metaverse registered as NFT.

Here, the users can utilize X-Space (Virtual Land) in the Metaverse in order to build their preferred content that will be integrated as an essential part of the Metaverse. The user-created content has no limitations and can be presented in the form of gaming, academic, commercial, or even entertainment pieces of in-game content.

Here, the users can utilize X-Space (Virtual Land) in the Metaverse in order to build their preferred content that will be integrated as an essential part of the Metaverse. The user-created content has no limitations and can be presented in the form of gaming, academic, commercial, or even entertainment pieces of in-game content.

Using X-Engine, Infinite Virtual Space’s free software, players, artists and game designers can create ASSETs and experiences, such as games, dioramas and art galleries, for themselves and to share with others. These can be monetised to earn the creator passive income.

8. Thank you…can you tell us how the project is funded?


IVS is currently in a good capital position. IVS has sufficient initial capital and is currently negotiating strategic partnerships with several well-known blockchain industry investment institutions and listed companies that want to enter the metaverse.

Infinite Virtual Space is welcome to institutional investors and influencers in the Web3.0/Crypto/Metaverse for strategic partnerships. At the same time, the team always keeps an open attitude and actively expands communication and cooperation with leading companies and influential kol in various industries.

9. Since ‘metaverse’ is a reasonably new trend, have there been any roadmap or plan changes since your conception in 2019?


About cooperation, I would love to mention that we just had an online meeting with Animocabrands on December 17, and now we are still discussing the cooperation program.

IVS is currently proceeding in an orderly manner according to the roadmap. IVS always upholds the principles of transparency, openness and fairness, and will be the first to announce any subsequent better iterations of the plan on the official Twitter  and simultaneously on the official telegram and Discord.

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