Industry Analysts Predict Rising Success for Emerging GambleFi Sensation, Expected to Surpass BNB and AVAX in 2024. Discover Why!

Industry Analysts Predict Rising Success for Emerging GambleFi Sensation, Expected to Surpass BNB and AVAX in 2024. Discover Why!

A New DeFi Project: Rollblock (RBLK)

A new DeFi project called Rollblock has just been launched, and it is making a lot of news in the crypto world, thanks to its GamebleFi protocol platform designed to disrupt the casino and gambling market. Interestingly, the crypto experts are already supporting Rollblock’s native token, RBLK, saying that it can perform better than Binance Coin (BNB) or Avalanche (AVAX), which are considered top altcoins.

Features of Rollblock (RBLK)

Rollblock (RBLK) is an exciting platform that brings together the best of traditional and decentralized gaming. It is all about giving players a thrilling casino gaming experience with blockchain technology. Casino gamers enjoy high liquidity, fast transactions, and gaming rewards. Rollblock is one of the DeFi projects that have set this particular mission in order to solve the issue of transparency in online casinos.

  • Transactions recorded on the blockchain for transparency
  • High liquidity for large transactions
  • Weekly revenue share for $RBLK holders
  • Rewards for playing casino games

Performance Comparison

Binance Coin (BNB) Fails To Create New ATH

Binance Coin (BNB) has displayed a terrific performance in 2024, reaching a yearly peak of $641.48. However, the bearish pressure in the market has been a major obstacle for BinanceCoin. This has stopped it from surpassing its current all-time high of $690.93.

At the moment, the price of Binance Coin is fluctuating between $562.81 and $599.41 on the weekly chart. While the altcoin price is down 2.9% on the weekly chart, BNB still has a gain of 6.2% on the monthly chart.

Avalanche (AVAX) Regains Momentum, Is $50 Possible?

Avalanche (AVAX) is moving up on the price chart after falling below the $32.00 mark recently. Over the last month, Avalanche was trading at a price of $30.68 down to a high of $39.83. This new upsurge might at last see Avalanche Coin reaching $40.00 price level.

Coincodex reports that Avalanche’s technical indicators are in the bearish zone. The coin’s 14-day RSI and EMAs are proof of this bullish trend. Suppose Avalanche can cross the $40 mark. If the altcoin price goes over $50.00 and stays there for some time, it could look to the next major psychological level at $75.

In Conclusion

Market experts are optimistic about Rollblock, as they believe its link with the casino gaming industry can make it the next big thing. The worth of the casino gaming industry was valued at $540.30 billion in 2023 and is predicted to increase to $744.80 billion by 2028, giving RBLK a major price boost to outperform the top altcoins, Binance Coin (BNB) and Avalanche (AVAX).

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