Immutable X to Create NFT Marketplace with GameStop

The latest move is just another headliner from the team at Immutable X, who seem well on a pathway to define blockchain gaming in 2022 and the years to come.

Landmark NFT Marketplace

GameStop and Immutable X have formed a cohesive partnership to launch an NFT marketplace later in 2022, in what could shape up to be a watershed moment in crypto gaming. The deal includes an initial $100 million (that could rise to $150 million through incentives) to bootstrap Immutable X tokens and attract many popular NFT artists.

Behind the massive grassroots popularity of GameStop and GME, this partnership, announced officially by Venture Beat’s Dean Takashi on February 3 in a press release, is a strong indication of the company’s vision of the future. The partnership is looking to build a new future of gaming and flex the insane popularity of GameStop.

“GameStop, in partnership with Immutable, has the potential to cement itself as the ultimate destination for the next paradigm of gaming; true in-game economies that enable permissionless ownership of in-game items and value players for their time,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-founder of Immutable in Takashi’s article.


Ferguson also joined the Bankless podcast on February 5 to discuss the deal and how it brings together the two worlds of hardcore GME fanatics with a burgeoning blockchain community at Immutable X. The deal combines two industries and unites them into a new evolution.

“We’re really excited to partner, not only with the historic base of 50 million customers, but also this new vision of what they are building,” Ferguson told Bankless. “It’s not just a sexy headline, they are building an incredible team with a large amount of full-time staff on this.”

One would think the reputability and partnerships already in place at Immutable X (e.g. Tik-Tok and VeVe) will be enough to convince the old-school gaming purists that the next era of gaming is here. It should be highly intriguing to see what caliber of NFT creators will be brought aboard to help kick-start the marketplace. It should obviously be gaming-related, but there are no limits ahead.

Ferguson also teased an integration with OpenSea on the way and other major gaming partners. Immutable is truly a force that cannot be stopped. The team has also quadrupled its amount of developers recently to over 1,100. 

Be sure to check out Ferguson’s surprise AMA on the SuperStonk subreddit coming this week. It is still TBD, but so it could happen any day now! 

What is Immutable X? 

Immutable X is the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs to enable gas-free minting and trading, while not compromising the security of the most used blockchain globally for NFTs, Ethereum. The solution offers instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (up to 9,000 transactions per second), and fantastic developer and user experience. Immutable X has announced integrations with established marketplaces such as OpenSea and Mintable, and is powering some of the largest content creators in the world like GameStop Tiktok, Disney, Marvel, and more.

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