🔵 Immediate delisting of the UND Currency ⚪️

Unfortunately we have decided to delist the token UND from the BSC Network on SafeSwap Online. The past few days we made our end of the month token sales from several currencies as we always do to cover the cost of development and maintenance. We also included UND this month, unfortunately due to a mistake on our end we sold some of the UND tokens that didn’t belong to us but where meant for distribution among UND users of the pool that we had to terminate a few weeks ago.

Despite the fact that I had forgotten this it was immediately rectified on our end once I read what was going on Uncle NFT and his associates decided to make a public debate on the situation resulting in all sorts of allegations towards SafeSwap. To break down the exact amount of tokens that where sold that we were not suppose to please read below:

We sold a total of 38,000,000 Tokens.
We were not suppose to as a larger sum from that amount was not ours to sell.

After reviewing the Withdrawal Fees Amount we were suppose to sell 11,000,000 UND Tokens.
We have bought back 30 million UND which have been send back to the deployer wallet of UND.

The remaining tokens that where still in our wallet from the previously terminated UND pool have also been send back to the deployer wallet of the UND Token.
This means that we have send a total of 122,5 million tokens back to the UND project team.

However, the fact that we have received such allegations and in my personal opinion disgusting way of being spoken to mostly by Uncle NFT (Terron Raki sims) is something that we do not stand by and wont accept. I know Terron Raki Sims from back in the days via the meda and dct community and in my opinion we have always tried to support him and his artwork.

Even though the fact that it is completely unrelated I feel that it is important to point out that we donated alot of money to Terron Raki Sims in order to be able to purchase his notebook and start his business. We did this as a gesture of good will back in the early days, the fact that the mistake that we made on accident has been altered into an direction where we would have done this on purpose due to being envy (as well as all the disgusting things that Terron Raki sims have said) we decided that it is best to delist UND immediately moving forward.

1: All existing locktimes have been removed from UND Pools
Existing pools will not be terminated and exist until the blocktime exceeds

2: The tokens that we sold but didnt belong to us have been bought back
A total amount of 30 Million UND (worth 1 BNB) has been bought back and send to UND Deployer

3: Remaining tokens from the terminated pool has been send back
All remaining tokens that where still in our wallet have been send back to the UND Deployer (This could include tokens that belonged to us as well, we were simply done with it after we got offended so brutally while trying to resolve the situation together with them).

4: All UND Pools no longer contain any lockup period
Should you not be able to unstake please try to harvest first, wait two minutes and try again.

I like to close this letter with an apology for the fact that we made a mistake but there is a certain way of dealing with a situation and Terron Raki Sims (Uncle NFT) has shown that they prefer to start a fight between both projects rather then understanding this did not happen on purpose and that we always recognize our mistakes and rectify them as well.

Jaimy de Vries

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