Ignore Fud’s 4Token Lists on ShadowSwap, Burns 1.5 Billion Tokens

The new listing offers increased opportunities for the growing Core community to access the native token.

By listing on ShadowSwap, Ignore Fud aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of 4Token, making it easier for the growing community to buy and sell the meme token. 

Token Burn

In just five days of launching, the team has burned over 1.5 billion $4Token. The token burn is a deflationary measure targeted at decreasing the circulating supply of 4Token and potentially driving the token value through scarcity.

As a critical component of the project’s security measure, Ignore Fud recently shared its smart contract audit report from industry security giant CertiK, demonstrating its commitment to security and transparency.

The meme project has also forged several industry partnerships as an important step toward building a sustainable meme economy. By aligning with reputable partners, Ignore Fud is establishing itself as a trusted player in the Core DAO ecosystem, increasing its chances of long-term success. 

What is Ignore Fud?

Ignore Fud is a novel meme token on the Core chain that supports decentralized finance and blockchain innovations. Its objective is to facilitate the onboarding of more cryptocurrency users into Core DAO and the wider crypto industry. Ignore Fud boasts a community-centric meme ecosystem and a distinctive hold-to-earn feature, which enables investors to earn rewards by holding its native token “4Token”. Additionally, investors gain exposure to a vast and robust user community from across the globe.

Besides Ignore Fud’s Hold-to-Earn mechanism, the team intends to offer several utilities for 4Token, including staking nodes, NFT Marketplace and collection, compounding crypto asset vaults, DEX, and more. 

To Learn more about Ignore Fud, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter |  Discord | Telegram | White Paper

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