iFighter Infinity A BSC Play-To-Earn Game – Flying To 3D Metaverse World

iFighter Infinity is a 3D Immersive space flight PlayToEarn game Fly to Metaverse which is built on Binance Smart Chain


iFighter Infinity, as an interstellar-themed flight shooting game built on blockchain technology, will provide everyone with playability and exposure to the NFT digital economy. In iFighter Infinity, a decentralised blockchain gaming platform based on smart contracts is built, allowing your digital assets to remain scarce in the game while remaining liquid in a trusted trading market without relying on centralised third-party institutions or individuals. 

In iFighter Infinity, you can engage in a variety of game modes to enhance the capabilities of your starships and equipment. Each of your starships in the game has its own set of technical parameters, which allows it to perform unique tasks. At the same time, due to the tamper-evident nature of the blockchain, no one except you has the ability to modify, copy, or destroy your starship or equipment.

What makes the game unique?

Play To Earn

Powerful economic model-Adopting the “dual-token + off-chain token” mechanism

Offering a real user experience, rather than the simple “slot + pledge mining” non-gameplay

Unique Farm / Game Mechanics

The data and value of the game belongs to the player


Earthlings have been exploring interstellar space since 2150 AD, hoping to find a new home. You are a member of a space expedition tasked with discovering a new universe. The multi-year return mission encountered a rare starburst. The team took the airship to escape the danger and activated the space warp to flee. You also activated the space warp to escape to safety. However, due to a failed spatial transport, you were left in the transport silo and the violent fluctuations caused by the starburst put you into a coma…

iFighter Infinity

When you regain consciousness, you discover a new parallel universe. While you’re still trying to figure out what’s going on, an unknown alien force attacks. Wave after wave of alien enemy ships attack you, forcing you to fight and survive. You lose track of time and the length of the battle. With each death, you are reborn from the beginning.

Where are you?

What kind of universe is this?

Can you find the other survivors of the expedition?

Can you find your way home?

In iFighter Infinity, players can choose their ship from the initial start. To return home, players must gain resources and abilities by defeating an unknown alien fleet.



Different parts of Equipment have different Attributes. The equipment which is high level will make it easier to defeat enemy ships and earn more loot rewards in missions.

Synthesising same quality equipment to build Higher level ones. 

(Synthesis equipment requires iGold)


You can get iRON through daily missions, which can be used to upgrade your equipment.

Combine different equipment with a warship to get a more powerful one, so the equipment level will affect the performance of the warship.

(To upgrade equipment level, iRon and iGold are required)

iFighter Infinity


Defeating enemy ship bosses will allow you to progress to new areas and closer to home. Each mission you complete earns you rewards, but as you complete more missions and the enemy ships weaken, the rewards diminish. The number of players who can earn extra rewards varies depending on the mission’s difficulty.

In the mission levels, there will be enemies with unusual attacks that deal extra damage to certain equipment, battleship paint, and weapons. You can easily defeat the enemies if you pay attention to the property parameters of each mission level.

Infinite Battles

The game has hidden ways to play. You can choose to stay on the mission and destroy enemy ships for a long time to gain more revenue.

Each special task has its own reward combination, as well as requirements for warships, equipment, and painting. Unreasonable matches will hinder you. Of course, the exhausted mission is risky because you can’t stop it until the enemy destroys your warship. Starting the exhausting mission will also cost you a lot of resources.


The equipment on your battleship allows you to occasionally receive messages from your teammates in other parallel universes.

These messages not only let you know the status of your teammates and the alien forces they are facing but also allow everyone to contact each other and agree to match after match, adding a touch of warmth to the battle that has no end in sight.

Trading Market & Aggregate Revenue

In iFighter Infinity, your loot can be traded freely. They can be sold or used to provide liquidity to profitably use iGAS and iRON. Players can trade NFT assets acquired through purchases, battles, and blind boxes in the NFT Market.

Play2Earn earnings can be sold on both markets, allowing guild members to share in the rewards on a level playing field. To help players find the best revenue strategy for them, profitable mining contracts for GameFi and SocialFi use different revenue aggregation methods.


iFighter Infinity relies on NFT. The NFT Market is where players can trade their digital assets earned in-game.


iFighter Infinity

There are four types of warships in the game, each focusing on different engineering parameters. Warships behave differently in battle when combined with different weapons and equipment. Choosing the right combination will make battles more fun and easy.

Using lucky equipment can increase the rewards you get in battle.

iFighter Infinity



Weapons are the primary means of destroying enemy ships, but rare props will grant you special abilities. Weapons will include guns, torpedoes, and missiles. You can use different combinations depending on the battle scenario to defeat the enemy ship.


Armour helps your battleship survive and is vital to the game’s survival. You are protected by gear. As your armour wears down, you take more damage. Using props to repair armour during battle increases your chances of survival. Combatants must survive to fight.

Reaction Device

Reaction devices are AI-controlled flying machines that can attack and defend. With the help of AI, you will no longer be fighting alone.


There are four types of tokens in iFighter Infinity, iGAS, iRON, iGold, and IIS, all of which can be earned through the trading market and different in-game scenarios.


iGAS is the driving energy of the warships, and each mission will consume a certain amount of iGAS, and the amount of iGAS will depend on the mission.

Access: Missions, daily mystery box, game reward


iRON is a combination of parts to improve the performance of warships and equipment. iRON is also available during the course of the battle. 

Access: Game reward, marketplace


iGold is a valuable resource obtained during battles and is required for upgrading ships, equipment synthesis, equipment upgrades, and talent upgrades.

Access: Missions, marketplace, exchange


IIS (iFighter Infinity Stakes) is the governance token of the iFighter Infinity. The members of iFighter Infinity have the final decision on the design of the gameplay and the right of ecosystem governance.

Access: Exchange, stake reward

iFighter Infinity

Governance Token Details

Ticker: $IIS

Total Supply:  100,000,000 (100M)

Token Allocation

Game rewards – 50% Distributed to all players through games and mission activities

Team – 10% 6 months cliff, then releasing 10% in every 3 months

Advisor – 5% 6 months cliff, then releasing 10% in every 3 months

Marketing – 8% Linearly releasing 1 month after the presale

Airdrop – 2% Airdrop to the market according to the official campaign

Liquidity – 10% Gradually adding after launching DEX

Staking rewards  7% Depends on campaigns

Ecological Funds – 8% Linearly releasing 1 month after the presale


Q4 – 2021

Whitepaper writing

Development Launch

Mystery Box Pre-Sale Opening

Official Website Release

Q1 – 2022

iFighter V1.0 Release

Android Release

IOS Release

NFT Sales Launch

Open Trading

DEX Online

Q2 – 2022

iFighter v2.0 Release

Increase in-game team competition

Increase in-game ranking method

New warships release

New tasks release

New arena release

Q3 – 2022

New warships and equipment release

Space Exploration Release

iFighter V3.0 version

Learn More

Website: ifighterinfinity.io

Twitter: twitter.com/iFighterGame

Telegram group: t.me/iFighterInfinity

Telegram channel: t.me/iFighterInfinityGame


Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmChoqJCpqTi9J0wh9U5-Q

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IFighter-Infinity-110157721501891/?ref=pages_you_manage

Medium: medium.com/@ifighterinfinity

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