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BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? 

Rosita: I’m fine , thanks

BSCDaily Admin: Glad to have you here with us, ready to start our AMA?

Rosita: Sure, ready

BSCDaily Admin: Excellent! Let’s begin.

Q1: Please introduce us to the Idowall project. What are your initial ideas and mission?

Rosita: IDOWALL was coined from IDO (Initial DEX offering),  

IDOWALL was chosen as the project name because it will serve as the protector of different IDO’s and also potential investors.

IDOWALL will provide a safe platform for any user to research, manage, and quantify their current and future IDO’s (Initial Dex Offerings) and Token Presales on the Cardano Ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide blockchain enthusiasts on the Cardano ecosystem with access to multiple IDO and Pre-Sale listings of Native Cardano Tokens, from multiple launchpads displaying advanced metrics & comparison tools in a simple yet concise interface.

Q2: In the white paper, you only show 3 Heads of the project. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Rosita: Yes, I’m Rosita, Idowall social media rep.

I was only able to undergo KYC with your team after a rigorous process and I was verified.

Meanwhile our founder Eddy Wagner was active on TG and other social media handles but he deactivated most of his social media platforms due to a lot of spammy messages but he remains active on LinkedIn.

Also, CoinCheckup was able to verify our project and list about our project on their website.

But I must say that some of our team members remains anonymous.

Meanwhile, we’re planning an internal AMA with the community where our founder and selected team members will have one on one chat (audio/video) with our community to be able to stay close to our community.

We will surely be accessible to all our users which will fasten communication and ideas.

Q3: Please talk us through how Idowall can help investors find good pre-sales on different Cardano IDO platforms?

Rosita: With IDOWALL Platform, It will be your all-in-one suite of holistic Cardano Native Token IDO analysis tools for potential investors to properly DYOR, reduce investment risks and increase the likelihood of participation in lucrative IDOS On The Cardano Blockchain.

Rosita: When our platform is fully launched, you can view presales from Cardano launchpads like cardstarter & Kick. io, having a graphical representation of crucial information about each Cardano Native Asset like Token Policy ID, Team DOX Status / KYC, Total Supply and So On.

Our AI bots will detect new pre-sales on different Cardano IDO platforms every 4 hours automatically this requires a lot of ongoing integration), from supported launchpads and displays them on a single interface (Idowall Platform) with relevant Metrics, cutting down the rigorous stress that a potential investor needs to go through to find the next X100 Cardano Gem.

You can refer to our website and go to Pro Idowall to see how it will look like ( it’s still under modification).

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $Wall. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $Wall use cases?

Rosita: WALL is the utility token built on the Cardano Blockchain That will power the IDOwall Ecosystem, Wall Token will be Used As a subscription token to access our IDOWALL Pre-Sale Listing platform.

HOLDERs of $WALL token will enjoy passive income as they can be able to stake their token to FARM ADA or Earn More WALL or Both.

We are also expanding to make sure that WALL will have so many usage. This will make our token relevant to the market.

Features like advanced pre-sale filtering options, multiple added-value metrics, dark mode, presale saving are restricted to only a certain amount of wall holders who have a certain minimum balance of the utility token $WALL.

Before you can access the Idowall interface you must have a certain number of WALL tokens.

By this alone, potential investors will always look for WALL token to be able to access our platform before they can invest on any project under Cardano Blockchain.

Q5: Does Idowall have any other features coming in aside from the current mission of the project?

Rosita: Sure,

Like I said earlier, we are already expanding.

For example Idowall will have a wallet (IdoWallet) where you can trade Cardano tokens in the future.

You will be able to buy and sell Cardano tokens, IdoWallet will also be powered by WALL token which also makes WALL token more valuable.

You can also visit our website and goto WALLET to see how the IdoWallet looks like.

We make sure that it’s user friendly and be able to serve and accommodate all our potential users.

Q6: How does Idowall distinct itself from other similar projects that help investors?

Rosita: Ever since tokens could be minted on the Cardano blockchain, it led the way for token minting and token sales on the Cardano network. While legitimate projects are utilizing this novel way of raising funds but participating in an ICO for an investor these days is quite risky as chances are that you might get rug-pulled as bad actors can create a token for just a few bucks, raise funds for their sketchy project to later dump the project and leave investors with worthless tokens.

On The other hand IDO or IEOs can be lucrative most times for an investor, but certain times it can be quite cumbersome searching for the new X100 Coin.

An investor trying to DYOR on a potential crypto gem will have to go through rigorous yet strenuous methods of checking the validity of a project which might include but not limited to checking the project’s Twitter, Telegram, Discord and so forth.

But with Idowall, we will be able to protect the interests of potential investors planning to invest on any Cardano Ecosystem.

We will do all the research for you with the help of our AI and also let you know the next potential gem you can invest on.

This is a risky one we know, but we can assure you to reduce the risk level while investing on new projects

Q7: So please walk us through Idowall’s 2022 marketing strategies to attract new users.

Rosita: As a new project, we actually have a challenge on our markets when we kickstart our ongoing Seed Sale.

We have been able to reshuffle our marketing team and we are currently negotiating with YouTube and Twitter influencers that believe in our project already.

Some of the influencers are here currently on this AMA session to see the outcome.

Also, we are open for various partnerships which are still in negotiation because we need to follow our tokenomics strictly to avoid miscalculation in the future.

Some of our partners preferred having a part of our token as their payment but we are putting everything in place to avoid whales.

Their will be a lock of tokens for some months to our partners.

Q8: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Rosita: The first quarter of 2022 will come with so many updates and launching.

– Idowall interface will be fully functional

– IdoWallet will also be functional for our users

– Then we will now list the top exchanges.

Coin market cap gave us the minimum requirements needed for WALL to be listed (e.g number of transactions) and we are almost there already.

But we want at least IDOWALL interface or IdoWallet to be ready before we list on exchanges.

This will make WALL token to be relevant and users will always wish to buy rather than to SELL

Q9: Where can we find out more about Idowall?

Rosita: IDOWALL Official Links





BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Idowall 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Rosita: Thanks for having me.

I strongly believe that we will make our users proud.

Key into the ongoing seed sale and get your WALL token.

BSCDaily Admin: Thank you for being here! We wish you and Idowall the best  Have a lovely Christmas.





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