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Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey everyone Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily Hope you guys are having a wonderful time. I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by Ms. Jasmine – CMO at Idle Cyber

Greetings to you Jasmine, how’s everything?

Jasmine: Hiiiiii guyssss Thank you so much for your introduction. You can call me Jasmine . I’m good. How are you Daley?

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m feeling fantastic!!!! Just joined your Discord and Telegram, they all look really lively!

Jasmine: Thank you so much . We’ve just launched our Discord channel today. Many games, many events

Cryptodaily Admin: Dude that’s great Always keep your community active. So, are you ready to start the AMA right now?

Jasmine: Absolutely, let’s start our AMA

Cryptodaily Admin: Lovely! so let’s start with our first question:

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the Team behind Idle Cyber. Are you all doxed?

Jasmine: As mentioned before, my name is Jasmine (Giang in Vietnamese), and now I am currently in charge of Community and Marketing for Idle Cyber.

Of course I cannot develop Idle Cyber alone, I love my colleagues very much:

– Game Designer with more than 5 years of experience with traditional projects reaching over 50M downloads & revenue over 1 million USD/month

– Backend Developer with 8 years of experience in game creation, fintech, wallet systemes for Japanese & Thailand companies.

– Blockchain Advisors are industry-leaders, experts with more than 8 years of experience

– Consulting Team as well as Strategic Partner from Starpunk – one of the platform providers for LaunchPad, Stake, IGO.. with many years of experience, prestige and quality.

All of my team is published on our website and linkedin profile.

You can check it here:

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the game already Man I’m looking forward to the game, it’s mind blowing how many NFT games out there cannot make a decent game. The Team alone is giving me hopes

Q2: How would you describe the Idle Cyber mission?

Jasmine: For those who don’t know: Idle Cyber is a project of BeeMob Studio & Starpunk. Idle Cyber’s mission is not outside the mission that BeeMob Studio has always pursued, which is to create products that are valuable in terms of entertainment, humanity and finance.

We’re always trying our best to create a wonderful game where ensures 2 factors: Play & Earn

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah it’s what Play to Earn game is all about. But, maintaining the entertainment aspect and earning aspects of the game is not an easy task.

Q3: What differentiates Idle Cyber from other NFT games?

Jasmine: Idle Cyber is especially focused on the gaming experience and constantly releasing new features. We are now having 2 main game modes: Arena (PvP) and Campaign (PvE). Tournament is in our plan this quarter

We’ve a professional Cyber squad too In particular, the game has an Evolve mechanism to help avoid NFT inflation. Cyber will be burned, not born as other NFT Game

Q4: Please elaborate on the mechanics of the game and the economics behind it. How can players play and earn in Idle Cyber?

Cryptodaily Admin: How do we “burn” the Cyber? through the Evolve feature?

Jasmine: Through our mainnet, players can earn in 2 ways:

Campaign mode – Entering the Campaign matches and win to get mIDLE reward

Arena mode – Limit entries per day to challenge other Cyber Masters, climb the leaderboards and get a well-deserved mIDLE amount. In particular, the Top Arena Season 2 ( is taking place with a very attractive reward with a total prize pool of up to $22800

Players can use Cybers as materials to Tier Up other Cyber. After being evolved to 2, 4, 6 stars, the Cybers will be unlocked skill 2, 3, 4 respectively. You can see more here (

Details about ROI of playing Idle Cyber:

Cryptodaily Admin: Ohhh, got cha

Q5: A vast majority of players expect a P2E game to have a high ROI. So how long will investors earn back their initial investments?

Jasmine: According to Idle Cyber’s estimates, players can get back their investment after about 1 month. We also have an estimate of an investment of 1000 boxes, please kindly check this photo (it takes time to get it)
Ri5M50Uekd4Ld4Crw0Kw3Brryr3Vbzrlqjpymwqs Hn8Hqrwkdd4Z3Iln29Ushpsstj4G2Kfko Jiruc5Ay36Hnerr6Lz11Suf5N7M 1J8Cwitikg7Oaoufgyskgtwbbfw 9Waua

If the user invests 1000$, he can buy 10 Adventure boxes. When investing 10 Boxes, it is possible to own more than 10 Cyber S-SS. The ranking in the campaign is changed according to the number of Cyber S-SS the player owns. So in the case of investing 1000 $, you will get 15 turns a day.

For Arena mode, the same mechanism is followed.  With the squad without any Tier-6 Cyber, you have 10 free plays. Players can purchase additional attacks = 100 mIDLE.

Cryptodaily Admin: So basically, more high ranking cybers -> more turns to hit -> more rewards -> faster ROI?

Jasmine: Yes, right!!! Thank you so much for understanding me!

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh I just understand the basic, the ROI calculation should be done by players themselves I’m just curious though, in order to maintain a high ROI like Idle Cyber, it’s no easy task. I’ve experienced projects offering high ROI in short-term but then they failed to sustain

Q6: Could you talk us through the utility of your tokens? How do these tokens factor into the sustainability of rewards within Idle Cyber and its overall tokenomics?

Jasmine: This is also a huge challenge at the moment because of the downtrend market. We are also changing strategies to create a long-term project as our initial goal. Lots of events: Streaming, AMA and Giveaway

We’ve 2 tokens

Qqmnkotappaa6Tp0W58Mnblmbnlppxnm4Ad 4Ftqmgrvv Gi2Mjey9Pceh41Pqm Jckhr9B6S8Kxjj4Oy 9Wxhro175Eix5Xmi6Yti4Qei Oapounwv Urkldtftzzcohzkuufqz

Specially, Idle Cyber is built with the DAO mechanism, so $AFK holders can participate in key governance voting events. Such as voting for:

+ The number of boxes will be sold in each phase

+ The uses of the project’s revenue earned through the sale of boxes, transaction fees

+ The decision of burning tokens

+ Staking events and Profits from those events

And about the tokenomic, please kindly see more details here, we distribute our token in many parts:

Oron Qegpdwbcbzqyhmkm6J10Zjt9Kup55Rj7Qywkartvcif8Fmo4Wj4Xxcirqk3Ef4Wyfncgrt1B8Qqrzvv5Cghiw

Cryptodaily Admin: Adaptability is key in this market, who knows what’s gonna happen in a 1 year time. So I value the projects that are transparent about their upcoming plans and changes.

Jasmine: Thank you so much

Q7: What do investors need to know or do to get involved in Idle Cyber?

Jasmine: Firstly, any investors, before making an investment decision in a project, need to clearly understand information about it. So let’s take time to see more about our project through our Wiki:

$AFK and $IDLE token can be traded on the DEX/CEX exchange and recorded on BNB chain blockchain. Meanwhile, $mAFK and $mIDLE have been used in game (100mAFK = 1AFK, 100mIDLE = 1 IDLE)

The official $AFK smart contract is: 0xbA0B46F556633Bd742546E4F37D66D416753003B

Trade $AFK on MEXC:

 or PancakeSwap:

Official $IDLE smart contract: 0xC2555F8Aef79160A2cb319781f3a5c726b4a8AE6

Trade $IDLE on PancakeSwap:

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said, do your own research people Check out their Wiki and if you’re interested, why not join? They have an amazing, fully doxed team with a finished product (1 month ROI ) ready to launch

Q8: According to your roadmap, a mainnet Beta version is about to be released with Arena, World Boss, World Tournaments,… Can we have a sneak peak into these features in the upcoming quarter?

Jasmine: One of the new features coming soon is Tournament. This mechanic will focus on PVP mode, helping players compete with each other. The tournament is a replayable, live view tournament and the winner will receive valuable rewards.

About game development plan: focus on the Philippines market. We are in collaboration with about 10 KOLs in the Philippines, specially 2 popular streamers Synth Gaming:

and Tokyo Gaming:

Q9: Where can we find out more about Idle Cyber?

Jasmine: Here is our channels



FB Fanpage:



Telegram Channel

Telegram Chat:

Local Telegram:

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Idle Cyber

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jasmine: Many thanks to all of you guys for attending this AMA. And I’d like to say thank you to Daley too for supporting me . Don’t forget to support our project. And, let’s join our channel because many events are waiting for you guysss

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Jasmine for being here with us and talking about Idle Cyber!! On behalf of the community, we wish you the greatest of luck Take care

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