Hypermine – BSC’s Top-Yield DeFi Protocol, Soon on PulseChain

What is Hypermine?

Growth DeFi’s own Hypermine—the high-potential, high-yield DeFi protocol—is set to soon steal headlines in the Cryptoverse. Home to the Powermine-level tokenomics in the ever-growing Binance Smart Chain and PulseChain community, Hypermine is bracing to deliver what’s so far been alien to the crypto community.

Fasten your seatbelts. Hypermine is taking you on a staking functionality roller-coaster ride of a lifetime, via the HMINEMAIN and HMINEToken’s super juicy daily dividends. 

A dynamic, exciting, and community-driven ecosystem, Hypermine is a Binance Smart Chain-based diversified crypto-asset investment protocol with a high-yield.

Hypermine is building on the acclaimed success of the IOST blockchain-based Powermine, part of the Growth DeFi ecosystem. Via its treasury-owned assets, Hypermine is poised to redefine your cryptocurrency exposure.

Hypermine Treasury Bankroll & Investments: What’s in it for You?

Hypermine is developing an asset pool owned by the community, and hosting most of Hypermine’s  stablecoins in the form of high-yield assets.

In the Treasury Bankroll, the objective is to build and grow a treasury of assets in which the HMINE tokens can be bough via $DAI. It also offers an ROI on the Treasury Bankroll investment holdings. 

The raised capital is stored in a Hypermine-core team managed multi-sig wallet. The 60% of the assets are stored in DAI, MOR, USDC (either in LP pairs or single asset staking) and tokenized commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.) The 40% of the assets are actively managed and focused on offering high-risk and high-returns, volatile crypto assets.

As a HMINE token holder, you can stake your tokens in the ‘Staking Pool’ to claim a share of the total Treasury Bankroll returns. NOTE: Initial HMINE purchases get staked automatically.

A Swap Pool will enable HMINE holders to swap it for $DAI.

You can also avail loans against your HMINE holding at a 60% LTV, with a 30 day fixed period at a monthly interest rate of 10% or an annual interest rate of 120%. 

As a top-50 HMINE holder, you may enter the HMINE holder VIP Rich List—to be a part of a special reward pool staked for extra bonus dividends.

Test your luck with the daily Detonator to win $500 worth of $DAI daily.

Fomo3D and Lobby are coming soon to earn you HMINE and $DAI.

Hypermine Investments

Pax Gold (PAXG) Investment: Hyermine’s lower-risk investment is in Pax Gold (PAXG), a DAI stablecoin and physical gold-backed digital token.

SAFUU Investment: On the higher-risk side, Hypermine has investments in SAFUU, a decentralized high auto-compounding protocol.

Emp.Money (BSC) Investment: A higher-risk portfolio investment and its sister-project, Impulse, is soon launching on PulseChain.

Introducing xYIELD

The only way to get grandfathered in for the revolutionary farming token is to stake in either of the Dueling VDCs! You will receive 111 xYIELD for each staked HMINE.

After that, there will be a limited Presale for xYIELD advertised on our partner platforms and elsewhere. Then, through a fair launch on an outside DEXs such as Pancake Swap and Apeswap!

xYIELD will be a farm unlike anything seen before. Deposit fees will be used to set up automatic buybacks and burning of the yield farming token. With these buyback and burn mechanisms, EBCs (exponential buyback collector) will have teeth!

Another portion of the LP deposit fee will go to DetonatorX, continuously building up its balance.

There will be a farm where you deposit LPs to get xYIELD. However, there will be a separate ROI contract very similar to EMP.Money. You can determine your lockup period for staking in the farm. Then once you harvest, you are heavily incentivized to go ahead and deposit those xYIELD into DetonatorX where you will have the opportunity to earn Xtra yield. The yield gained from DetonatorX will be in xYIELD/BNB, and you can redeposit that right back into the farm, starting the process over again; and gaining even more xYIELD for a perpetual loop of printing.

Hypermine Audits & Core Team

A Defiyield-audited project, Hypermine’s HmineMain and HmineToken contracts’ security issues are duly-analyzed. There are no significant vulnerabilities found.

The Hypermine Core Team includes crypto-industry veterans such as Growth DeFi & Powermine co-creators as its CEO and Chief Investment Lead, respectively. Growth DeFi & Powermine OG is Hypermine’s Chief Marketing Lead. Meet the team leads:

Ghost: CEO (Powermine and Growth DeFi Co-creator)
Miktrone: Chief Investment Lead (Powermine and Growth DeFi Co-creator)
Miko: Chief Marketing Lead (Powermine and Growth DeFi OG)

Hypermine Partnerships

Already having a proven and market-tested reputation, the Hypermine team truly believes in transparency and honesty, just as its partner list suggests.

If pumping your crypto bags is on your DeFi agenda, look no further. Simply use Hypermine referral links to support the ecosystem and diversify your investments. Holding or having the native HMINE token could also propel your crypto bags multiple Xs.

The Hypermine partners:

Hypermine enjoys a stellar partnership with MOR, an over-collateralized stablecoin, and a decentralized platform for lending with yield-earning collaterals.

The Bull Society is yet another Hypermine partner to keep an eye on.

Hypermine has also invested in SAFUU in its high-risk and high-returns offering.

EMP is Hypermine’s Detonator partner.

Hypermine’s HMINE Token

The HMINE is Hypermine’s native token with a fixed supply of 200,000 HMINE. Before its fair launch, the Hypermine Core Management Team will not be allocated any HMIN tokens. HMINE’s distribution involves 2x pre-launch Sacrifice Rounds with 50,000 HMINE per round and 100x post-launch Standard Rounds (1000 HMINE per round).

In the Pre-Launch Sacrifice Round, 1 HMINE price will be $6, and in Round 2 will be $6.50. In the Post-Launch Standard Rounds, HMINE price will be $7, increasing by $3 on a linear scaling system.

The HMINE’s allocation is as follows:

2.5% allocation to ‘SAFE’ token holders of Growth DeFi

7.5% to the Hypermine Core Management Team

10% to HMINE token stakers as dividends

80% to HMINE Treasury Bankroll.

Get your HMINE at the lowest possible price in the Sacrifice Rounds. A Treasury Bankroll would then ensue as an investment for post-launch.

Acquire HMINE tokens with MOR, DAI, USDC, BUSD, BNB, and SAFE.

The Hypermine team believes it’s worth matching a creative and devoted management team with a community passionate about rewarding returns.

In its cross-chain expansion, Hypermine is set to also join the PulseChain.

Hypermine Contract Addresses

HMINE Token: 0xBC7A48dE21b14Ce7fccCe8b35c04B82e4c81578B

HMINE DEX: 0x1578AC75E0Ae23bFB820bEFF5E4C9Ff7dF040689

Hypermine Litepaper

Hypermine Socials


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