HyperJump Partners With ONTO to Create $190,000 Yield Farming Campaign

HyperJump collaborates with ONTO to give users incredible yield farming rewards.

Growing the BSC Ecosystem

HyperJump and ONTO have reached a partnership agreement that will benefit users at large. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) expressed delight via a medium post on July 2nd. According to HyperJump, its partnership with ONTO, a cross-chain wallet project, will ensure that users’ digital profiles are genuinely diversified, including the successful generation of a yield farming campaign. 

HyperJump And ONTO Yield Farming Campaign

The yield farming campaign started two months back, on May 25th. Both protocols provided a combined $190,000 in tokens — $130,000 worth of  $ALLOY and $60,000 worth of $ONT. Users can earn a share from the tokens above. What’s more, when users use the ONTO wallet to interact with HyperJump, they become eligible to receive an airdrop in ONG tokens from ONTO. 


HyperJump Adds New Alloy Asteroid Liquidity Pools 

Users can add liquidity on Asteroid fields and generate yield. The Asteroid field is a yield farm where liquidity providers can stake tokens and earn HyperAlloy ($ALLOY) on BSC. As of this writing, the protocol has added two new Asteroids to make farming more exciting for its users (ONT-ALLOY and ONT-BNB). Users can benefit from these pools by supplying liquidity and earn $ALLOY rewards. 

According to its medium article, the ONT-BNB farm will run for six weeks while the other newly added farm will run for an unlimited time. The ONT-BNB farm is built so that ONT liquidity providers stand a chance to obtain mouth-watering rewards via its innovative reward mechanism. Here is a summary: 

First 48 hours of yield farming ~ $ALLOY rewards multiplied 6x. 

The third and fourth day of ONT-BNB yield farming ~ $ALLOY rewards multiplied 3x.

 The standard reward structure starts from the fifth day onwards. 

Double Your Rewards With HyperJump MECHS 

The HyperJump Mech workshop is a unique creation by the secure DeFi platform. It is a “dual rewards system” that allows users to change their $ALLOY tokens to MECH at a specific conversion rate (5 ALLOY = 1MECH). Owning MECHS means that users will obtain extra rewards in ALLOY tokens. Additionally, MECHS can be staked in the ONT pool to earn ONT rewards. 

For more details about the ONG giveaway, Mech workshop tutorial, and ONTO wallet usage, refer to HyperJump’s medium post


HyperJump is a project on the Binance Smart chain. It has also recently expanded to the Fantom network. The protocol is dedicated to making the DeFi experience exciting and easy to use. HyperJump offers many features all in one place, such as yield farming, single asset staking pool, Automated Market Maker (AMM), vaults, Swapping, and many more. In short, it is a community-driven cross-chain product that aims at providing the best DeFi experience for users. 


Final Thoughts 

The protocol first started as a meme project back in October 2020, and since then, it has grown to become one of the best projects on the Binance Smart Chain. With yield farming presently attracting interest from significant token holders, the integration of ONTO’s unique digital wallet and the addition of new Asteroid pools will drive more adoption of the protocol. Its unique rewards structure and Mech workshop is another brilliant innovation by HyperJump, and we can expect that the protocol will build on these features and keep growing its ecosystem.

Source : bsc.news

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