HyperJump Launches Hyper Heist in a to Capitalize on Play-to-Earn and GameFi

The recent rise of play-to-earn space sees HyperJump launch retro arcade game Hyper Heist.

How to Play HyperHeist

The game itself boasts the retro features of nostalgia-ridden greats like Space Invaders with a slick 3D revamp, as can be viewed here.

After being asked whether you are accessing via mobile phone or computer, the game will prompt you to select a payment network, Fantom or Binance Smart Chain. You will be asked for $0.25 and can commence playing.

Depending on performance, or the amount of ‘waves’ the player can get through, rewards are distributed based on points scored. This is the epitome of play-to-earn.

“Our game is truly different in that each play brings a random pattern and interaction, with no patterns to memorize, no repetitive advantage or bot play to churn rewards,” reveled HyperMikey, a member of the HyperJump team.


What Do Fees Go Toward?

The HyperJump team have highlighted a detailed breakdown via their official social media channels. Fees charged distributed as follows:

30% Burned

70% Game Prizes

With five daily winners awarded every 24 hours, the significant portion saved for game prizes makes sense. The breakdown of rewards based points scored is ranked: 

1st Place = 25% Reward

2nd Place = 17% Reward

3rd Place = 13% Reward

4th Place = 10% Reward

5th Place = 5% Reward


The deflationary aspect of HyperHeist is a hugely important part of the game. As confirmed by the HyperJump team on Twitter, 30% of the actual fees that go toward the burn, buy $ALLOY and $ORI, before burning them forever. 

This decrease in supply of farming tokens occurs through weekly burns and sees HyperHeist contribute to the development of HyperJump as a whole. 

“The HyperJump team is thrilled to release a dual chain play to earn game that gives everyone a level playing field to pop in their ‘quarter’ and try their luck in a classic arcade style game.”


Competitive NFT Gaming Space

With the incredible recent performance of various GameFi projects, the hope will be that HyperHeist can help invigorate HyperJump and propel them to the kind of success we’ve documented in CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity

The team will be well aware of what it has to do compete with other successful GameFi projects, and we thought we’d leave you with the hopeful ideas of another member of the HyperJump team, Hammerloaf:

“With all our software, we bring quality and safety as the foremost goals of our development.  We think our community will be excited to see that we are keeping with a theme across our games, dapps, and artwork, and that it’s all part of a bigger universal narrative that will soon branch off into other games and NFTs as well.  Every release we make will be more ambitious than the last, and we will always work to make every release the best it can be now and in the future.”

Source : bsc.news

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