Hype for Oddblox On-Chain NFTs Heats Up After Twitter Spaces

The event also featured an appearance of Retro Boy, the popular NFT project on BSC, which somewhat gave an endorsement of the oddblox collection through his appearance.

NFT Hype Builds for Oddblox

The incoming NFT drop by oddblox ​​on Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the hype for the first fully on-chain generative abstract art series is growing through the grapevine.

The Twitter Spaces held on February 9 hosted by Dehuffski was a welcoming event for the oddblox team to build recognition for their project in the public sphere. The spaces highlighted the background of the oddblox team of KD and CB. It’s great to see a team that cares for each other going for such a unique project.

“It’s been great for the two of us to put our minds together and finally create a creative project and fulfill that dream,” KD told the large group of NFT enthusiasts. 

The Twitter Spaces filled up with many notable names and quickly became a who’s who of the Binance Smart Chain NFT community. Figures like CryptoGirlfriend of BSC notoriety, RetroBoy creator of Retro Boyz AssociationMackinac of PancakeSwap fame, and BitPunks. Your author was in attendance and even contributed questions to the event. 


“For me personally, this is the first of its kind of project on Binance Smart Chain. These guys are releasing real, abstract art that is completely generated on-chain. 4096 uniquely generated pieces of art that can be scaled onto any canvas, any poster or paper,” Dehuffski detailed to the audience.

The event felt like an indication of what is coming in the NFT sphere on Binance Smart Chain. The quality of projects is increasing, and the communities are growing stronger. Oddblox has a unique project a long-term vision, albeit much remains up in the air until after they mint and clearer vision for the project coalesces.

“We have things planned, and we have different directions we plan on going,” KD explained. “We want to be able to have the flexibility and navigate and see what would be the best for our project because we haven’t really seen anything like this. There’s not really a roadmap.”

What is Oddblox:

The Oddblox series began from two friends seeing a gap in the NFT market on the Binance Smart Chain and the opportunity to bring generative on-chain art to a new space. Using a variety of shapes and color palettes, each Oddblox NFT is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art. This allows the greatest flexibility for future use cases of the Oddblox NFT genesis series. The generated NFTs serve as a digital Rorschach test with the viewer projecting their interpretation of the forms. Each piece is unique and possesses traits, though these traits do not directly determine visual appeal and rarity is entirely random.

Where to find Oddblox:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium |

Source : bsc.news

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