Huobi Ventures announced the investment in Project SEED

Huobi Ventures, the worldwide investment arm of Huobi Group, has formally announced the investment in Project SEED, the one-stop multichain gaming ecosystem. The financing bolstered Project SEED’s efforts to help users in creating a statewide one-stop, play-to-earn GameFi platform. 

Huobi Ventures invested in project SEED

Huobi Ventures, Huobi Group’s worldwide investment arm, has announced an unanticipated investment in Project SEED, a AAA gaming company built on blockchain technology. Project SEED is a gaming platform based on the Solana and Binance Smart Chain blockchain that employs a play-to-earn concept. It is one of the first initiatives to offer a variety of GameFi application cases on a multi-blockchain basis. 

The funds will be used to assist Project SEED creates a more elegant gaming experience with more features for both gamers and developers. The investment will be made possible by Huobi Ventures’ $10 million GameFi fund, which was created earlier this month to address the issue of decentralized gaming. Blockchain gaming models that are integrated with DeFi processes are referred to as GameFi. 

Through a “Play to Earn” approach, Project SEED, like many GameFi business strategies, allows players to receive a portion of the profits that are retired from game development. Players may create avatars and interact with their monsters, which are referred to as Zeds in the game. Players may battle each other, go on co-op adventures, join guilds, build dungeons, and do a variety of other things. The openness of blockchain characterizes Project SEED’s distinct economic model and ecology, which includes the trading of in-app purchases, monsters, and equipment as NFTs.

“This investment underscores our strong confidence in the growth potential of Project SEED amid the robust blockchain gaming market. With its strength in mobile-focused action role-playing games on a play-to-earn model, Project SEED offers a more refined game experience and is seen as a frontrunner in next-generation blockchain games. We strongly believe that SEED will bring new vitality to the game industry and are excited to partner with it to explore GameFi.” said Evans Huangfu, Investment Manager, Huobi Ventures.

What is Project SEED?

Project SEED is a multichain gaming ecosystem that includes Gaming Studio, NFT Center, Gamefi Nexus, and DAO Council. Seeking to become the spearhead of blockchain mass adoption, Project SEED provides cutting-edge gameplay experience with full-fledged gameFi use cases that empower players to own maximum financial power. For more information, please go to: 

Huobi Ventures Introduction

Huobi Group was formed in 2013 with the goal of improving fundamental blockchain technology and further integrating blockchain technologies into various sectors. Huobi Group’s goods and services have evolved to include public blockchains, digital asset trading, wallets and mining pools, proprietary investments, project incubation, unique asset analysis, and more. Huobi Group has built a worldwide digital ecosystem by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream blockchain firms.

Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group that focuses on worldwide investments. Huobi Ventures is organized into four business lines: strategic investment, strategic mergers and acquisitions, asset management, and global cooperation. Huobi Ventures has funded three funds, each focusing on Blockchain, HECO Ecology, and NFTs. Huobi Ventures wants to help Hui Group develop by establishing a worldwide ecosystem with our partners.

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