Humpy Office: A DAO On BSC Where All Decisions Are Taken By The Community

Humpy Office is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with Humpy Token as its utility token that aims to be the household name in the crypto industry.

What is Humpy Office?

Humpy Office is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that uses Humpy Token as the utility of the platform. The people taking part in the voting process can have a say on any and all decisions that are related to the DAO. 

“Our vision is to take Humpy Office to the highest heights to become a leading, household name brand in the world of crypto and throughout the world. Through social media, merchandise store and promotions, marketing promotions, influencers, CEX listings, partnerships, and community driven workforce, Humpy Office will penetrate every relevant business market,” describes the whitepaper.

An important feature of the platform is that a percentage (between 50-80% decided by the community) of the profits made by the utilities will automatically go back to the community, in the form of community wallet, where the community will decide what to do with the funds.

The aim of the DAO is to raise a “community with strong-willed, diverse, competent, and forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts,” as noted by the whitepaper.



HangHumpy is a similar game as Hangman where the goal is to figure out the correct sequence of letters and figure out the secret phrase or words. In order to win Humpy Tokens, any member from the community can guess the next letter and the results will be declared between phase 1 to phase 3 of the roadmap discussed below. 

“Each letter represents big news or new exciting projects that the developers are working on. The final phrase will reveal the biggest news to date. To participate in this game, you need to have HumpyOffice tokens in your wallet for at least 1 week prior to the game/poll,” confirms the whitepaper.


The platform is bringing a number of play-to-earn games and NFTs in the near future during the Phase 2 of the roadmap. 


The community of the platform will be able to mint unique NFTs that will be available for the Humpy Community. Moreover, there are plenty of other NFTs present too. It is also to be noted that the NFTs can be staked to earn additional Humpy Tokens via a tier system.


In the third phase of the roadmap, it is also important to note that Humpy Office aims to develop VISA cards for all Humpies which will be capable of crypto payments throughout the Humpy universe.


There are also the following the values of the platform as seen in the image below:



As confirmed by the whitepaper and the roadmap, further down the road, the platform will have  its own metaverse which will include play-to-earn gaming and NFT minting/staking. 

Merchandise Store

The Humpy Store will include the Merchandise Store and the profits from the store will be included in some of the items sold within the store. The platform is also discussing free unique NFT¨s that may be included in some of the items sold within the store.  


You can witness the roadmap of the project in the image below: 



Here are the tokenomics of the platform:


See the image below for token allocation and distribution:



Humpy Office is a DAO where the community will determine the course of action for the platform. Moreover, another important fact is that the DAO has been audited and the KYC has been completed by which acts as a sign of trust for the platform. The platform aims to launch the NFT sale and minting on wherein 50% from the launch will be reinvested into HumpyOffice. 




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