Humbl Brings on ‘BLUE’ From BAYC as Chief Web3 Experience Officer

The blockchain services company picked up a Bored Ape for themselves and are planning on marketing ‘BLUE’ in some unique & interesting ways.


HUMBL Blockchain Services has announced the newest member of their executive team, ‘BLUE’, the Chief Experience Officer of Web3.

BLUE is of course a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and is expected to serve as HUMBL’s brand ambassador and a main focus of all company marketing initiatives. This includes ‘The Big Search’, a yet to be released campaign that will feature images of BLUE in specific locations globally. Additionally, BLUE will serve as the company’s voice command product, ‘Hey BLUE’. 

“We’ve been fans of BAYC since their inception and we’re proud to contribute to the next evolution of this NFT franchise”, said HUMBL CEO, Brian Foote. “We think we are in the first inning of creative intellectual property deployments by BAYC collectors, and we’re excited to create some more democratized advancements here at HUMBL.”



BLUE’s first appearance is slated to take place at an activation event on July 9, 2022 where he will be featured as the #5 BAYC jersey in a game featuring the ‘State College Diamond Dawgs vs. Williamsport Bored Apes’. The baseball game is expected to be held at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park in Pennsylvania. BLUE is also going to appear in a series of Web3 short films by HUMBL that will also feature other Bored Apes that will be provided by members of the BAYC community. 

That community has an impressive list of holders such as Eminem, Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban, Steve Aoki, Neymar, Shaquille O’Neal, Ben Simmons, Memphis Depay, Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, Madonna, Post Malone, and many more. Blue will be added to the HUMBL balance sheet as a digital asset after the NFT purchase was made for a price of $406,046 (USD). 

“Navigating the jungle of Web3 can be challenging,” said Alfonso Arana Jr., Vice President, HUMBL Blockchain Services. “BLUE will help our current and future customers explore the world of digital assets, NFTs, wallets and the metaverse in a way that is accessible to people of any age and background.”

HUMBL has been quite active in the recent weeks after also announcing the formation of a pilot program with the County of Santa Cruz, California to build out a specialized digital wallet. The unique initiative will support the County in streamlining equitable distribution of most city services to all of its constituents through the digital wallet. Approved by the County Board of Supervisors on April 12, the program is set to be rolled out by August 9, 2022. 

What Is HUMBL Blockchain Services:

HUMBL Blockchain Services positions itself as a service provider designed to help local, state and federal governments, armed services and international agencies develop mobile wallets, verifiable credentials and NFT solutions on blockchain. 

Where to Find HUMBL Blockchain Services

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