Hugo Finance’s Upcoming GameFi NFT Drop

The drop allows users to customize their selections with a variety of options.

Introducing Hugo Finance

Hugo Finance is a decentralized GameFi Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project. With their first big step into the gaming industry complete, it’s now time for their first step into the NFT space with their upcoming NFT drop. 

Gaming industry

Hugo is a partner with a big player in the gaming industry, Efuse. They have hosted a huge Twitch event called Hugo’s Crypto Race. This event was a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament where 40 well known streamers such as Bloo(Faze), Booya(Faze) and Ayden competed on a livestream. With this event the Hugo Finance team created a bustling network inside the gaming industry. 

Now that they have a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a network of streamers, the only thing that is left in their current plans is a NFT drop project and a game. The developers weren’t comfortable sharing a lot of detail about the game. The only detail they did share was that the up and coming NFTs will have a use case in game and NFT holders should be able to participate in the beta of the game. The team plans to release more details about the game and its release in the near future.

NFT Minting Game

Hugo Finance will soon execute their first NFT drop. The drop however will be far from the usual NFT drops that are randomized. Instead of being able to mint a random NFT, people will be able to choose how their NFT looks, with over 150 attributes that can change their appearance. The upcoming NFT minting game will be called Hugo’s Nest. Why Hugo’s Nest? It all starts with an egg. People will be able to buy an egg that decides what kind of NFT you will get. 

The NFT eggs have to be staked in order to be hatched and the more Hugo tokens holders have, the faster users can hatch their egg! When buying an egg there are 3-4 free attributes that users can choose from. Aside from these, through staking certain amounts of Hugo tokens, egg hatchers will be able to unlock 2-3 more attributes. Even though egg hatchers have a choice in attributes, they won’t be able to copy each other. The team’s system is designed so only unique NFT can be minted, so be fast if you want certain attributes.

There will be a total of 10.000 eggs and every egg/attribute will be available until the eggs are sold out. The eggs will be sold in Hugo tokens or in BNB. Hugo’s Nest will also come with a project roadmap. The roadmap is not live yet but what is known is that the team will develop a NFT game once the eggs are sold out so the NFTs get an actual utility. Next to that, NFT holders will get random airdrops of BUSD/Hugo tokens and 1/1 NFTs. 


There is a lot of hype from the team and the Hugo community around the NFT drop, mostly because of the unique way of obtaining the NFTs. The rarity is dependent on the community, which is the totally opposite of the pre-set rarities of other NFT projects. Their NFT launch will start on the 10th of October so if you’re interested in hatching your own egg, put that date on your calendar! 

To learn more about Hugo Finance, visit the following links:

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