Play-to-Earn GameFi Project, Step Hero, See’s 1000% Gains Following Launchzone IDO

The project has gained adoption since its Initial DEX Offering on Launchzone.

Step Hero Records Massive Success From Launchzone IDO 

Step Hero’s August 15th Initial DEX Offering (IDO) hosted on Launchzone was a huge success. Thirty minutes after the successful IDO, its native $HERO token was listed on PancakeSwap and gained massive adoption. 

After three hours of listing on PancakeSwap, the $HERO token accumulated thousands of holders, according to Step Hero’s Tweet on 15th August. In addition, the play-to-earn protocol recorded tremendous membership growth. With success on their first decentralized exchange (DEX), there is still room for growth.

“3 hours after $HERO listing on @PancakeSwap. There are: 81,049 members in #StepHero Global Community; 12,927 holders of $HERO tokens; 44,684 $HERO transactions. The numbers say it all. It is just the beginning. Get ready for the upcoming adventures, out #HEROES!,” the GameFi protocol celebrated its achievement following its successful Lanchzone IDO. 

The protocol also announced another significant achievement on Twitter the same day. According to the Tweet, Step Hero’s whitelist IDO pool on Launchpad sold out in just 0.3 seconds.

Many protocols see a blast of interest out of the gate and it remains to be seen if Step Hero has the magic to stick around. Steady growth in members should help the game keep relevant.


From Zero to $HERO 

Following the success of its IDO on Launchzone’s Launchpad, the $HERO token was listed on PancakeSwap at 1 $HERO = $0.1 on 15th August at 14:30 UTC. 

Crypto Gem hunter on Twitter, Call me Mr.Wick, who has been a strong supporter of the Step Hero project since July, tweeted the listing details on August 15th. He also called it “The most amazing project.” 

“$HERO will be listed on @PancakeSwap at 14:30 UTC, August 15th (today). Listing price: 1 $HERO = $0.1 THE BIGGEST – THE MOST AMAZING PROJECT,” he tweeted with an image of several other GameFi projects to look out for below. 


Fast forward to the time of this writing, $HERO is now trading at $1.67, representing a large pump from its PancakeSwap listing price of $0.1.

The token also reached an All-Time High (ATH) before the latest price correction, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. It is worth noting the small market cap at around $600,000. 

It will be important for Step Hero to land on more DEXes in the future for sustained growth and options for users. As more users join there will be more demand for use cases, especially as the price of the token rises.

Like most coins in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, there is always a big pump immediately after listing. However, $HERO’s pump is attributed to the successful Launchzone IDO.

Entering into the market now may be risky, but congrats to the participants of the IDO event, as their investments have proven to be successful.

What is Step Hero? 

Step Hero is a lucrative non-fungible Token (NFT) fantasy-themed Role Play Game (RPG) on BSC and Polygon. The Step Hero ecosystem is a perfect combination of NFT gaming and DeFi that enables users to simultaneously have fun and earn profit. 

The ecosystem comprises its already mentioned Step Hero RPG game, Heroes farming, and an NFT marketplace. The project is more than just a game in that it also has a strong desire to help players invest in activities to earn money through gaming. 

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