How to View and Manage your NFTs on PancakeSwap

Manage your NFT items in just four easy steps.

Manage your NFTs on PancakeSwap 

PancakeSwap Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace allows users to buy and sell their NFTs on BNB Chain. However, users can only trade PancakeSwap NFT collections on the marketplace until the proposed V2 upgrade is launched by the leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol. 

It is straightforward to manage NFTs purchased on the platform. However, users need to have created a PancakeSwap NFT profile before managing their assets. Please read our detailed guide on creating an NFT profile on PancakeSwap. If you have activated your profile, you can now follow our instructions to manage your NFTs on the platform. 

How to Manage PancakeSwap NFTs? 

Again, ensure that you have read our article and activated your PancakeSwap NFT profile before proceeding. 

Step One: 

Visit the PancakeSwap NFT marketplace and connect your wallet. After connecting your wallet, your PancakeSwap NFT profile image should display, confirming your successful profile creation. 

PancakeSwap starter NFT profile image displayed at the top right-hand corner

Step Two: 

Click on Manage/Sell to view your NFTs. 

Step Three: 

In the new window, your items and activity will be displayed. The items section displays all your NFTs purchased on the marketplace, including your NFT profile image, which can be changed. On the other hand, Activity displays your recent transactions on the marketplace. 

Select any NFT up for sale that you wish to manage in your items. You can read our article on how to sell your PancakeSwap NFTs. 

An item listed for sale alongside the PancakeSwap profile image

Step Four: 

You can manage your NFTs by selecting anyone listed for sale. PancakeSwap allows you to “Adjust Sale Price,” “Remove from Market,” or view the item. The page also displays the lowest price of the NFT on the marketplace and your listing price for comparison. 

Manage your NFTs easily by selecting any of the actions 

Final Thoughts 

PancakeSwap NFT marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and manage their NFT items efficiently. Remember to refer to our previous articles to learn how to utilize the industry-leading marketplace. 

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