How to Utilize AirNFTs Marketplace to Monetize Artwork Through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

AirNFTs Marketplace, a platform built on Binance Smart Chain, is primed to impact the NFT marketplace with its multifaceted platform meant to bring NFTs to the mainstream.

NFTs for the Masses

One of the most exciting asset types that have emerged from crypto is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). And NFTs are stirring up a lot of interest within its community. They provide a modern alternative that is dynamic and unique to collectors, creators, gamers, and investors. With the available choices, creators are unsure which platform offers the best value and what strategies to achieve that value.  

AirNFTs is a platform built on Binance Smart Chain that seeks to harness the benefits of NFTs and bring better accessibility to the intended users.  The NFT industry is buzzing with creative content that comes in the form of photography, music, art, videos, and game items. AirNFT looks to make NFTs as accessible as possible. 

Source: What makes AirNFT a preferred platform 

AirNFT has a strategy to reward participation for both the content creator and the buyers. The platform allows content creators to create NFTs with ease and start earning. 

Sellers and buyers are rewarded for their participation in the platform in the form of AIRT tokens. Artists that do not have a huge following will have the launchpad exposure for better positioning. The auction function will be made available soon.   

Key Takeaways for Gainful Trades

Source: The key towards a successful NFT campaign for a content creator is to adopt the right strategy

The first criteria is to create a piece of art that is original and unique. AirNFT strategizes the marketing plan by offering a few takeaways. These strategies are as follows:

Create scarcity to drive demand. Creators can limit the supply and create rarity tiers. The value of the art will commensurate with its rarity scale.  

Stay with one hub by choosing the ideal marketplace that can mint at the cheapest costs and provide cross-chain capabilities. 

Participate actively on social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, using trending hashtags. NFT specific groups on Discord and Telegram can also provide the right exposure. 

Participate in the AirNFT community to meet the right-minded artists and collectors for insights and gainful trades.     

AirNFT recognizes that buyers do not only buy the art, but they do become invested in the artists. An artist can position himself better by creating a personal brand and unique themes to create a following of collectors or investors. 

Simplifying and Enhancing the NFT Experience 

Content creators, by and large, are not tech-savvy individuals. AirNFTs is the ideal platform for ease of onboarding and marketing NFTs in the most user-friendly manner. Built on Binance Smart Chain, the low transaction fees are among the most attractive features to a content creator. The entire ecosystem is not centric towards a particular group. Instead, it creates a community that can actively participate in a meaningful manner to bring value. 

NFTs can be minted for less than $1 on the AirNFT platform, and the artist can immediately focus on other efforts, such as interacting with other content creators and collectors on the AirNFT platform. Artists can concentrate on building their brand rather than worry about the intricacies of minting, selling, and bundling of rights linked to the tokens. 

NFTs will Continue to Boom 

NFT is a solution to the creative industry. It becomes an outlet to efficiently monetize while preserving the rights of its creator through specific rules and licenses bundled with the token. Creators can continue to draw royalties and craft their marketing structure according to its demand. 

The latest giveaway by Twitter is an example of how NFTs can bundle very specific rights to creative content. The NFTs by Twitter do not transfer ownership of the tokens. Although relatively new, the industry will continue to grow by leaps and bounds as the crypto market matures because it is a real-world solution. 

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