How to Sell your NFTs on PancakeSwap

Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to sell your NFTs on PancakeSwap easily.

PancakeSwap NFT Marketplace 

PancekeSwap Non-fungible Token  (NFT) market is one of the largest NFT marketplaces on BNB Chain. Users can trade—buy and sell unique NFTs on the protocol. The marketplace features some of the best collections in the space, with a simple User Interface (UI) for easy navigation. 

This article is dedicated to teaching you how to utilize the platform to sell your NFT collections with very low fees. PancakeSwap subtracts 2% from every NFT sale on the market which is used to buy back and burn its native $CAKE tokens. 

Selling NFTs on PancakeSwap for Beginners 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sell your NFTs on the PancakeSwap NFT marketplace. 

Step One: 

Visit the PancakeSwap NFT Marketplace and connect your wallet. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol offers users up to six wallet providers to connect with. 

Step Two: 

After connecting your wallet successfully, click on Manage/Sell. 

Step Three: 

A new window would be displayed, prompting you to activate your PancakeSwap NFT profile. Click on “Activate Profile” to continue. 

Profile Setup

After completing all three steps above, you can now complete your NFT profile in four phases. Here is how to complete your NFT profile: 

Phase One: Get Starter Collectible 

Every profile on PancakeSwap starts by making a “starter” collectible (NFT). The starter collectible would be used as your first profile picture. However, you can change your profile picture later if you get another approved PancakeSwap NFT. 

Users are given a chance to select one starter Pancake NFT. These collectibles include Sleepy, Dollop, Twinkle, Churro, and Sunny. Each of the unique starter NFTs costs 1.0 $CAKE. To proceed to the next phase, choose one of the starter collectibles and select “Enable,” as shown in the image below. Also, make sure that you have $BNB to cover transaction fees. 

Next, click on “Confirm” to verify the transaction. 

Wait for some seconds for PancakeSwap to confirm your transaction. 

Phase Two: Set Profile Picture 

Here, you would be required to select a profile picture from your eligible NFT in your wallet. From this tutorial, Sunny is the only approved NFT, as chosen by the user. However, the starter NFT chosen would be displayed on this page. Click “Enable” to continue. Again, $BNB transaction fees are charged by the DEX. 

After enabling the transaction, click on “Next Step” to proceed. 

Phase Three: Join a Team

PancakeSwap would display three teams for you to join. There is no significant difference between teams and no benefit of joining one team over another one. Thus, you can choose anyone you like. Additionally, joining a team cannot be changed in the future. 

Join a team and move to the next step. 

Phase Four: Set Your Name 

The name you set would be shown in team leaderboards and search results as long as your profile remains active. PancakeSwap allows users to set names with at least three and not more than 15 standard letters. In addition, the name you set cannot be changed once you click “Confirm.” Also, ensure that you do not add spaces or special characters. 

Complete Profile

After confirming the name through your wallet, you need to complete your profile. Users need to have 0.5 CAKE to complete their profiles. Click on “Complete Profile” and enable the transaction. Then confirm to finalize the profile setup. 

Start Selling PancakeSwap NFTs

After successfully creating your profile, you can start selling your NFTs on the PancakeSwap NFT marketplace. However, only PancakeSwap NFTs can be traded at this point because the marketplace is still in the basic version (Phase 1). The DEX would announce the launch of the V2 market soon, which would allow users to mint, trade, and list their NFT collections. 

Therefore, to sell an NFT on the PancakeSwap marketplace, you need to purchase them first from the list of collections. When purchased, the NFT would be displayed in your items, along with your profile photo. 

Newly purchased NFT displayed on the right alongside the starter NFT profile image. 

Here is how to sell your NFT: 

Step one: 

Click on the purchased NFT and click on “Sell” in the new window. 

Step Two: 

Set your price and click “Enable Listing.” 

Step Three: 

Click “Enable” in the new window and confirm the transaction. This process would take some seconds to complete. Also, make sure that you have $BNB for transaction fees. 

The transaction is complete. When someone buys the NFT, you would receive the amount filled in your wallet. 


Selling NFTs on PancakeSwap is quite easy. The protocol allows users to trade unique PancakeSwap NFT collections easily after creating a profile. Although users cannot list their NFTs at the moment, they would soon have the option to do this in the future with the proposed launch of PancakeSquad V2 Marketplace. 

Be sure to revisit BSC News on how to list your NFTs on the leading marketplace on BNB Chain once the new version is launched. 

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