How to Participate in the Play to Earn Binamon NFT Metaverse

After launch, we look at how users can participate in the Play-to-Earn NFT metaverse.

How to Begin to Play Binamon

After the recent success Binamon has enjoyed, many have been rushing to learn how they too can participate. The Binamon Marketplace is officially open, and multiplayer battles are on the way… Monsters are ready for adventure! 

The following steps will help show you how to bring your monsters to life!

Before anything else, you’ll need to acquire Planet Z1 monsters to navigate the Play-to-Earn game. You can do this by connecting your wallet to their official page and purchasing BMON-Z1 or BMON. 

After purchasing your monster, you will enter the Binamon P2E webpage, where you can connect your wallet and view your Binamon Z1 monsters. Each monster will have 1 hour of game time. After approving the contract, you will choose the NFT you wish to use for the game and receive a password in return.

The next step requires you to download the game client, install and open it up. Upon opening, you will be asked for your password, after which you can choose your monster and play! 


Enjoying Binamon

Navigating the Binamon world is simple enough. You can move and attack using the classic W-A-S-D movement key structure or with the arrow keys. Identifying and protecting yourself from enemies will require skill and guile as you time your attacks. 

Time and how you make use of your allotted hour are especially important. Users run down a pathway of monsters fighting various creatures, increasing their skill and losing time whenever they take damage.

If your attempts to strike your opponent fail, you will begin to run out of time. If a monster strikes you, you will also lose time. 

Your earnings are not necessarily directly shown by your score. Binamon explains that all player scores are calculated, and your payments are based on your total score percentage. If problems arise or you have a bug to report, Binamon has provided the following form.


Battling Binamon

Another exciting dimension the Binaverse offers is the Battle 3.0 feature, which gives users the chance to battle their monsters to earn extra tokens.

You will be prompted to select the Binamon to represent you in battle against your opponents. While battling, you will bet the tokens available in your wallet, risking them for a win or loss. Binamon LTD does not retain responsibility for losses incurred, so caution is recommended. The winner is calculated randomly by the Blockchain.

You can bet BMON and BNRG and win the respective token you’ve put forward. You can even bet BNB and BUSD and will receive your prize in BMON with a real-time conversion rate via PancakeSwap.  You will, of course, only be able to battle Binamon’s of the same class, but you will stand a different chance of winning depending on the power your card possesses. 

‘Defending’ also offers a chance to make money. It functions almost like staking, whereby the process is passive, and you earn rewards simply by having a Genesis NFT. If other players attack your Genesis NFT and you win, you get rewards. 

Where to find Binamon:

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