How to participate in Space ID powered by Binance

hello. I am an ant investor.

The coin bear market is getting very long.

This time, I’m trying to participate in a project called Space ID that boosts Binance, but I need about 10,000 won worth of BNB coins.

​It’s not an absolute recommendation, it’s just for recording and sharing what I did.


Some of you may not know what ENS is.

If you go to the opensea, or NFT market, there are a lot of things that don’t seem like a big deal.

If you look at the full name, it is an Ethereum name service, and it literally names it.

If you look at the latest list that is being sold, there are things that go beyond 1 eth from the price of gum.​

In other words, they are traded with a value attached to their name.

When we play games, there is a feeling that the person who gets a unique nickname first wins and is valued.


​But is this money? You may be half right and half wrong.

It’s really hard to make money with just that.

However, those who participated in the project in advance made a pretty good profit, and the method was that the team airdropped ENS tokens to those who participated in advance.

It is currently $11 at Coin Market Cap, but since I received tokens in advance, the listing pumping must have been great.

There were people who said they made pretty good profits.

(It’s good to understand just that. )

What is your Space ID?

The space ID is also the same.

It could be said that the chain has changed from Ethereum to Binance’s BSC chain.

​So I participated this time. While turning the happiness circuit to be able to receive tokens in advance.​

So, let me share how .

How to join Space ID

First of all, as I said before, you need a certain amount of BNB coins. It can be as little as about 10 bucks and as many as a lot of things. What if you could take that risk yourself ?


1. Enter the above Space ID homepage

2. Metamask wallet connection (BSC chain)

3. Move to Space ID main page

4. Search for the name you want (impossible if it already exists, the longer the price the cheaper)


6. Set period (how many years to use, the longer the more expensive)

7. Click REQUEST

I roughly chose the long one and chose 5 years and spent about 25 dollars.

If I had done it for a year, I think it would have been about $6 from my memory .

1. REGISTER > Wallet Signature



4. Click on the name you wrote earlier (shown below)

Now, the next galxe performs the mission.


If you go to the link above, you will see the following mission.

The second one is the space ID you just created, so it will be automatic when you connect your wallet, and the rest will be retweet, Discord entry, and Twitter follow.

Then come back to Space ID and proceed with gift card minting.

If you click Mint Gift Card under SID Point in the first screenshot, there are 3 types of gift cards.

There are three types, $5, $160, and $650, but $160 and $650 are too expensive, so I made it $5. And I had a little bit of BNB left over from the transfer, so I did two.

We’re almost there.

Enter galxe again through the link below. (This is a different mission link from the one above.)

Galxe Link

If you enter the link, you’re done, you just have to do the first one. It’s a retweet mission, and after doing it, if the left side says Claim, press it to claim it and you’re done.

It’s a bit long and complicated, so it’s a mission with some barriers to entry, and it’s not likely that a lot of people will participate because it costs money, whether it’s small or large.

So I rather like it.

​Anyway, I told you how to participate in the event in that way.​

It’s not an investment recommendation or recommendation, but the purpose of sharing what I did and what this is, so if you want to participate, find out enough and do it!

Source : bsc.medium

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