How To Participate In Memecoin Airdrop with Baby Doge Billionaire via CoinMarketCap

2,000 winners will be picked at random. Each lucky winner will smile home with 202.5 billion BabyDBil tokens.

Billions Of Tokens Can Be Yours 

BabyDogeBillionaire is running a mouthwatering airdrop campaign for the crypto community. The Crypto tools website, CoinMarketCap (CMC), is hosting the current campaign. BabyDoge Billionaire announced the airdrop in a tweet on August 22:

“Today, we start our big CoinMarketCap Airdrop Campaign! 25,000 USD worth of tokens!” tweeted BabyDogeBillionaire.

Information from the CMC airdrop page indicates that the BabyDoge Billionaire airdrop campaign will run from August 22 to September 1.

What Does The Airdrop Offer?

A total of 405 Trillion BabyDB tokens, worth around $25,000, will be won by 2,000 lucky winners. That’s a massive 202.5 billion BabyDB tokens for each winner.


How to Participate?

Participants are required to do the following tasks to stand a chance of being one of the lucky winners:

Log into your Coinmarketcap account. If you are new to Coinmarketcap’s airdrop program, create an account first.

Go to BabyDoge Billionaire’s Coinmarketcap page and add BabyDB to your watchlist.

Follow Coinmarketcap on Twitter

Follow BabyDoge Billionaire on Twitter

Follow Coinmarketcap on Facebook

Join Coinmarketcap’s Announcement channel on Telegram

Join BabyDoge Billionaire’s Telegram Channel

In the airdrop form, enter your BSC address, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram handles.

Accept the terms and conditions, then click ‘Join Airdrop’ to submit your entry.


BabyDoge Billionaire will randomly choose 2,000 winners from complete entries. The winners’ list will be published on BabyDoge Billionaire’s Twitter handle seven days after the end of the campaign.

Join the over 100,000 participants who have already signed up for the campaign.

About BabyDogeBillionaire

BabyDoge Billionaire is a meme-themed project on Binance Smart Chain. The project has coined for itself the titles “son of the legendary DogeCoin dog” and “the richest baby dog in the universe”.

BabyDBil is a community-driven deflationary token. It rewards holders with a percentage of every transaction and is committed to improving animal welfare, especially dogs.

Visit these official links to know more about BabyDogeBillionaire:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Instagram

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