How to Participate in Faraland’s Play-to-Earn NFT Ecosystem

Here, we give an insight into the upcoming play-to-earn game set to rock your world!

Release of General Guide

Faraland is a play-to-earn multiplayer role-playing game built on Binance Smart Chain. After more than a month of anticipation, the Faraland team has dropped a general guide describing how the fantasy heroes, weapons, equipment, and other Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will work.

Faraland will combine these features for a mobile game set to launch on iOS and Android in December 2021. With a plethora of institutional backing and gamer experienced developers, Faraland is building up to be a massive launch in the play-to-earn industry. 

Here we will take a look at the guidelines shared by the Faraland team in a Medium post on September 23, plus peruse what has already been released. 


Get Connected To Binance Smart Chain

First, things first, you will need to have a crypto wallet connected to Binance Smart ChainMetaMask is one of the more popular wallets and is suggested by both Faraland and your author. BSC.News has a tutorial if you haven’t already set up an account. The game also pairs with Trust Wallet and Coin98.

Heroes: The Protagonists

Faraland’s gameplay will revolve around your hero. Your hero will be who you fight with and develop. It will be up to you to set your hero up for success or failure. All the stats will have different variations to help build a powerful Hero.

Faraland will only release 20,000 Heroes, which will prove to be profitable inimitable digital crypto tokens. 

Each hero is based on three characteristics: race, stats, and body parts. 

Race: There will be seven different races based in differing tiers of rarity: human (50%), orc (24.6%), angel (20%), demon (4%), dragonborn (1%), elf (0.2%), and fairy (0.2%). 

Stat: There are four stats for heroes: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Intelligence (INT), and Luck (LUK). The higher the stats, the better the hero.

Body parts: Each hero has at least four and no more than six traits. The traits are tiered in the following order by increasing rarity: Common – Uncommon – Rare – Epic – Legendary – Mythical

The races will come with different abilities and determinations to help you build a successful hero and squad.

Humans: The most common race possesses the weakest stats but offers the most flexibility for gameplay.

Orcs: Second most common race, they are strong, powerful, and cut-throat. This race looks ready to eat your face off with its superior health, plus physical defense and damage. These units can charge in to take damage or block to shield other races. 

Elves: A Faraland favorite, elves are fast, long-range specialists. They have superior bow prowess and high agility stats.

Fairies: The small units pack a considerable punch. With the highest intelligence stat, fairies do well with magic.

Dragonborn: Despite just 1% of the total Heros, these will be in high demand. With high Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT), Dragonborns are suited for defense and attack.

Angels and Demons: the most powerful races in the game and can help in any scenario. 

The stats will be based on basic metrics like strengths, intelligence, luck, and agility. The body parts will be divided into four categories: mouth, eyes, hair, and skin tone. Each hero will also come with an element and a gender to further increase the variability of the game. 



All Heroes will be equipped with items that can help you improve their stats and ability. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of items for heroes.

Items and equipment can be bought with BNB and FARA tokens. All items, when purchased, can be found in the Wallet section on the Faraland site.

Despite the fact that the game is not yet released, there are some items for sale. You must go to the Faraland website and click under the ‘Gacha’ link. At this time, there are only about 100 items for preview in the marketplace and even less for purchase. 

A quick run through the Item Marketplace shows a depth of levity and seriousness that will make this game really fun. It has an almost ‘Munchkin’ like feeling with various options available. There are swords, armor, wands, daggers, plus other weapons and items.

From fun-looking items like armor that looks like a life-preserver named ‘Dazzling Summer Armor’ to ‘Legolas Gloves, ’a throwback to everyone’s favorite Lord of the Rings Elf, the game is building a feel and persona that will make fans feel at home. Faraland did well to bring creativity and fun to the items.


Game Modes

Faraland’s gameplay is designed to mimic that of classic games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Each race will be equipped with specific skills to help fight in various game modes, from fighting computer monsters or other players. 

Faraland will offer different varieties of gameplay. You will be able to fight solo or in a squad. There will be a player versus environment (PvE) mode to fight monsters and an arena mode to fight with other players.

For more information about Faraland, check out their whitepaper and their social media:

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