How to Participate in CryptoBlades Play-To-Earn NFT Ecosystem

Cryptoblades allows users to build unique characters and send them to battle to start making real money!

GameFi Hype

The world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and its latest evolution, GameFi, has brought users a new way to earn a crypto income. By utilizing the interoperability of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs),  decentralized Application (dApp) games have found a way to pay users. Rather than being a money pit, users can earn back their initial investment and more by playing a game.

One of the hottest games in GameFi is CryptoBlades. The recent rise of NFT gaming has seen CryptoBlades gain a big following. The game has nearly 300,000 followers, and users have reported earning as high as $1,000 USD per month.

Cryptoblades is a fighting game that is ideal for users interested in franchises like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, where users fight within a medieval fantasy world.  This article will show how you can begin earning income and winning battles in CryptoBlades.


How to Begin

Users must first have access to a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) digital crypto wallet like MetaMask or Binance Chain wallet. Once you have a wallet created, you will need to acquire some $SKILL, the native token of CryptoBlades. 

$SKILL is needed to make all transactions in the CryptoBlades dApp. You can purchase $SKILL at any number of decentralized exchanges, like ApeSwap or PancakeSwap

Every transaction on BSC also requires the BNB token to process a trade. Gas fees are required to make any transaction while playing. A base amount of $SKILL will be required to begin. Just under half a $SKILL token is needed to begin. 

CryptoBlades recommends users keep a decent amount of BNB in their wallet to play. 0.16 BNB is the recommended amount to sustain a player for one week of play. 

A Variety of Choices

CryptoBlades is home to a bustling market. There, users can make purchases of characters, weapons, and different skills like potions. Prices vary quite a bit in the marketplace, so it is possible to find solid deals on good weapons and characters. 

Buying items and characters is an easy way to jump into the game and build the best team. But, not everyone can spend as much as they wish. 

Understanding Characters

Minting a character is the cheapest and cheapest way to begin. Each character comes with a unique name and set of skills and can be grown and built from there.

Around $20 USD of $SKILL is needed to recruit a character in the ‘Plaza.’ The price to recruit stays the same relative to SKILL’s price fluctuations. It should always be around $20 to begin playing. 

You can mint and create up to four characters per crypto wallet––but there is no limit to how many wallets you can use. Characters and weapons come in different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. 

You will find that you gain an advantage to having characters of the same element. This also allows you to leverage a single weapon and spend $SKILL more efficiently. As you begin to engage in combat,  your character will gain experience with each win. 

With more wins, the more experience you get to different level milestones. Level milestones increase a character’s power, and they occur at every ten levels.  The game’s strategy comes in knowing the best way to fight with your character and maximize the level gains.

What are Weapons, or Blades

Once you have a character recruited, you are now able to begin fighting and developing your character. All characters come equipped with a free one-star weapon, and the weapon/sword can increase in power and capability. 

Each blade has a different rarity, shown by the stars, level, and element. If the element of the character and the blade are the same, the sword will give more power to the character. Higher rarity weapons, give out higher SKILL rewards.

“The ideal scenario is to get a weapon whose elements and attributes all match the character, and all attributes having high numerical values,” recommends the CryptoBlades Gitbook guide. “Such weapons are valued very highly, and can get quite expensive on the marketplace.”

Keep in mind that no matter what, a higher numerical value equates to a higher value. Sometimes it can be beneficial to choose a weapon with a different element than your character because of its higher numerical value. 

Weapons can also increase their value through a process called ‘reforging.’ Reforging a weapon replaces an old weapon with a new, more powerful one after spending $SKILL. The old sword is ‘burned’ and upgraded to help boost combat payouts.

What to Expect from Combat

Fighting is the most active way to earn $SKILL in CryptoBlades. You can take your character and put them to the test. This is what the game is all about: BATTLE!

In order to fight, you must choose a character and a weapon. You will then be given a choice to fight one of four different enemies. The enemies are randomly selected based on your attributes. 

Once you pick your enemy, the game calculates on-chain randomization rolls for each character. If your character rolls higher, you win. Not all rolls are guaranteed a win––even the ‘very likely victory’ choices. 

Several combat variables play into the roll calculations, so they are not entirely ‘random.’ The CryptoBlades team has details of the many factors involved in combat on their GitBook here.

Be aware that you pay a gas fee no matter if you win or lose the combat. The average battle costs 0.0007 BNB, or about $0.25 USD. 

Right now, characters are limited to spending 40 stamina per battle. Characters have a limited supply of stamina and so perpetual battle is not possible. Once a character’s stamina is expended, you will have to wait until at least 40 STA to fight again. 

Coming Features

Philip Divine, the CEO of CryptoBlades, was on the BSC.News Livestream on July 28, to discuss some upcoming features to the game. Two coming features that should excite users are specific changes to combat. 

Divine announced that community raids and player versus player (PVP) battles will come to the game soon. These will add intimacy to battles and a team aspect that are both currently missing from the game.

Controls for stamina are also on the way, which will allow you to decide how much stamina you want to expend in a battle. Using more stamina can be a way for some characters to get that extra boost in combat. 

The play-to-earn model is bringing some real-world incentives that flips the world of traditional gaming and loot boxes on its head. 

For the full live stream, head to the BSC News YouTube or watch the stream video. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on all of our content.

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