How to Participate in Binance Smart Chain’s $150,000 1st Anniversary Celebration

The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is putting on one hell of a party as BSC approaches its first anniversary. Here’s how you can participate in the fun.

Happy Anniversary BSC

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is approaching its first anniversary, with celebrations to include prize giveaways and a virtual social event with mystery boxes. Several projects on BSC are getting in on the act, with $150,000 worth of tokens eligible to be claimed. 

Participants who have already announced giveaways include Trust WalletX World GamesBinary, and Ape Swap, who have set aside a significant prize pool of their native $BANANA token. The anniversary celebration looks primed to be a mega-event to close out the summer. The first full year of BSC deserves a hell of a coming-out consummation. 

“We’re celebrating 1 Year of #BSC & 6 months of #ApeSwap with an NFA & $10000 in $BANANA Giveaway!” said Ape Swap from their official Twitter account on August 23rd.

Today, BSC.News can exclusively reveal that MathWalletBiswapGMR FinanceMOBOX, and BakerySwap will join the celebrations with prize giveaways of their own. This is just the beginning, so users should keep an eye out for all the fun on the way!

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How to Participate

To get in on the action, users should first follow the Binance Smart Chain account on Twitter which will be at the heart of the action all week. Expect complete updates from the projects themselves and retweets from the Binance Smart Chain account.

Participation is easy too. For the most part, users simply need to follow competitors, make some tweets, and tag a few friends, although the precise details may vary slightly.

To make things easy for you, we’ve assembled some relevant competition tweets so you can get started with a bang. Head over to the following links and follow the guidelines to begin: Trust Wallet | X World Games | Binary | Cybertrino | Ape Swap

Good luck.

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