How to Mint Your Music NFTs on ROCKI? – The Step by Step Guide

Music NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. Here you can find an easy step-by-step guide to mint your first music NFT on ROCKI.

Minting Music NFTs on ROCKI

Cartoon apes and pandas aren’t the only things that represent NFTs. Music clips can also be represented with their permanent ownership in the form of Music NFTs.

NFTs in music is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the NFT industry. Among these, Rocki is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces for music NFTs.


The following guide will walk you through a step-by-step journey on how to easily mint  your Music NFTs on ROCKI:

Step 1: Sign in and Connect Your Wallet

The first step would be to head over to the ROCKI page here. If you are a new user, you need to register with your email address. After registering with ROCKI, select the NFT option from the menu at the top, as shown below.


A new page will display, and a button will appear saying “Issue New NFT,” as shown in the image below. 


Click on it to enter another page where you will see a button to connect your wallet.

Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to get a range of options as shown in the image below.


We will use the Metamask wallet here, but you can use any wallet you wish. As soon as you click on your preferred wallet (Metamask in our case), the wallet will ask you to approve your choice, as shown below. 


You need to click on the ‘Sign’ button to approve your wallet.

You can check here if you face difficulties setting up your Metamask wallet.

In addition, you can check this guide here if you want to connect MetaMask Wallet to BNB Chain.

You can also connect your wallet by clicking on the top right corner of the home page and following the above instructions.


Step 2: Enter the Details and Upload Your Track

After you have connected your wallet, you will be directed to another page with the header ‘Mint Track to NFT‘ as shown below.


In order to create an NFT, you must fill out all the information and upload the music track.

As shown below, you need to put the title and description of your track. To make sure that buyers can understand what your music is about, you should provide specific information about your music. Put a track image that can represent your track as well.


Now the most crucial part––Upload your music. Remembe to add genre tags as well, as it will help like-minded listeners locate your tracks, like in the image below. Put the artist name that may be any stage name you choose. Also, make sure to include your bio and one of your images. 


Below you will find another box to enter the number of NFTs you wish to mint with your track. After entering the number, input your account Email-ID and click on the ‘MINT’ button.


Step 3: Completing the First Step of Issuing NFTs

Once you click the ‘MINT‘ button, your wallet will prompt you once more to confirm the transaction. But, make sure you have enough BNB tokens in your wallet to cover the gas fees. However, the gas fees for minting Music NFTs on Rocki are pretty low, as you can see in the following image.


Click on ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction. As soon as you confirm, you will receive a confirmation message, as shown below. Next, click on ‘Continue.’


Step 4: Completing the Final Step

Upon clicking ‘Continue,’ you will be taken to another page where you can set the price limit of your Music NFT. You will see two options, ‘ INSTANT SALE ‘ and ‘ENGLISH AUCTION, ‘as shown in the image below.


Choosing ‘ Instant sale ‘ will allow you to set a fixed price for your NFT. If you prefer ‘English Auctions,’ you can specify a ‘Direct Purchase Price’ and a ‘Reserved Price.’ The former allows anyone to purchase your NFT directly without going into the auction, whereas the latter shows the minimum price one should bid. 

In addition, you must specify how many NFTs you want to auction or sell. Finally, don’t forget to include an expiration date in the auction, as shown below.


Upon completing all the tasks listed above, you will see a red button labeled ‘ POST YOUR LISTING, ‘as you can see below. You need to click on that.


Clicking on the button will reveal a message that says ‘Transaction Start.’ Eventually, you will see the message verifying the transaction’s success, as you can see below.


And that’s it! Congratulations, you have minted your music NFT on ROCKI. 

After closing the confirmation tab, head over to the Account option to see your minted NFTs, as shown below.


You will see options like ‘MY MUSIC,’ ‘EARN ROCKI,’ etc. Click on the ‘MY NFTs’ option to see all your minted NFTs, as you can see below. 


It is advisable to do your KYC verification on Rocki. You can do it easily by clicking the KYC and SNS verification link by heading over to your account as before. Then, fill out all the necessary information to complete your KYC verification.

Hopefully, now you know how to mint your very first NFT on Rocki as a music artist. You may also check out Rocki Co-Founder Bjorn Niclas’ discussion with Tom Andrews, BSC news AMA host, about various aspects of Rocki here. Enjoy Minting!

What is ROCKI

ROCKI is the world’s first hybrid user-centric music streaming platform and ecosystem powered by the ROCKI token, which rewards artists and listeners for streaming their music. ROCKI provides a blockchain-based solution to help the music streaming industry. As per the whitepaper, it cuts out the middleman and provides the most significant benefit to musicians and listeners.

Furthermore, in a later version of the ROCKI product, NFT (nonfungible token) will mark the music copyright and its associated income in the ROCKI ecosystem. ROCKI investigates the real-world implications of blockchain technology, examines the impact of smart contracts on music platforms, and investigates the change of information and how information is handled on the blockchain. The ROCKI platform is intended for widespread use.

Where to find ROCKI?

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