How to make use of the great Limited Orders function on Bogtools

BogTools’ introduction of Limited Orders is regarded as a game-changer in this exciting technology. The function allows you to research and place orders for every token on the Binance Smart Chain.

BogTools is a BEP-20 protocol that offers on-chain oracles and code execution on the BSC blockchain. Any transaction of the associated currency, the $BOG Token, enables the oracles to track events on the blockchain and execute smart-contracted code as appropriate. 

The Bog Ecosystem is made up of deployable individual contracts, known as bogtools, on the BSC blockchain that connect to hooks installed into the $BOG transaction mechanism, allowing code to be performed as $BOG transactions are carried out.

What are Limited Orders? 

The Limit Orders platform leverages PancakeSwap’s liquidity; in the future, the platform can utilize several Decentralized Markets, enabling your order to be filled at the best possible time and price.    

Limit Orders will be paid in BOG, so all users of our platform will be expected to maintain a BOG balance. The bulk of the charge will be used to pay the platform’s gas costs; proceeds will be allocated to Liquidity Provider Stakers and BogTool developers to fund further platform growth. 

How to make use of Limited Orders 

The latest Limited Orders include an easy-to-use interface and a variety of useful functions that will be implemented in the near future.

To begin using Limited Orders, go to

You’ll find a button to communicate with your crypto wallet in the top-right menu. Be noted that the platform requires BOG tokens in your wallet to trade.

In case you haven’t got any BOG tokens in your wallet, you can easily buy some to start trading. Click on the Buy $BOG on the left menu and you will be redirected to the exchange site. Choose to connect your wallet from Metatask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect and more. You can use almost all available tokens on BSC platform to exchange for BOG. 

After you have finished attaching your wallet to the platform and got some BOG as well, you may begin trading with the powerful Limited Orders. To start, select Limited Orders from the left menu.

Buying and selling orders are now accessible, making trading easier. Select the token you want to trade. The Limited Orders feature is now available for all tokens, giving you more trading opportunities. Provide the amount, target price and slippage to secure your orders. 

Furthermore, the platform has an Order Book where you can keep track of all buy and sell orders and easily respond to market changes.

Charts are also given to assist you in keeping up with industry trends. 

Why should you use Limited Orders? 

Making purchases or selling better. 

The industry of crypto assets is changing every minute. With just a Tweet, the price of nameless crypto or even Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world can fluctuate. Limited orders let you buy or sell crypto assets at a particular price or better. A purchase limit order can only be executed at or below the limit price, while a sale limit order can only be executed at or above the limit price. A cap order is not expected to be fulfilled. A limit order will only be filled if the selling price of the stock meets the limit price.

More powerful functions to be introduced. 

Limited Orders are just among the first steps to help BSC traders doing trading smartly. Bogged.Finance would soon have access to Order Book, Business Depth, Maps, and other UI elements and become your favorite trading location for all BSC transactions.

Limited Orders highlighted features 

Order Book: Order Book offers a list of both selling and buying orders so you can track and adjust the orders to match with the market changes. The Order Book is now available in the Limited Orders. You just need to scroll down on the Limited Orders site to review.

Market Depth: If you don’t want to spend time going from sites to sites to get knowledge about the market, you can just go to Market Depth. This function is well displayed in charts format and more to illustrate live changes of the market so you can better study about the market and make profitable orders. Market Depth is now available in charts format only and to be updated in the future. 

Stop Orders: Besides Limited Orders, in the future, you can choose to trade with Stop Orders. A stop order is well-used in case you want to avoid the risks of no fill or partial fills as the stop is only triggered by the market price. This will help strengthen your trading strategy and make more profit. 

After the launching of Limited Orders in April 2021, more functions and features will be soon accessible on Bogged.Finance such as Automatic on-chain Arbitrage, Price Oracles, BogTools Protocol Governance. In 2022, BogTools will be developing cross-chain solutions, expanding off-chain oracles, and expanding the ecosystem. 

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