How to Make Crypto More Inclusive for All

Developers are proposing features to make crypto more accessible, including to people with disabilities.

Making Crypto More Accessible

More than a decade after Bitcoin’s debut, the utility of cryptocurrencies is obscure for the majority of people.

Older generations, or younger people who haven’t dipped their toes into crypto, don’t fully realize the freedom it offers. Moreover, most users who know about crypto and believe in it still use centralized exchanges—because they’re simpler—without experiencing the true power of decentralization. 

Platforms like Web3Auth and Project Galaxy aim to encourage more widespread adoption by simplifying Web3 with the following features:

Mainstream social account logins for Dapps: Social login flows are indistinguishable from Web2 logins, contributing to user experience and onboarding.

Non-custodial public key: The user is always in control of ownership and access to their cryptographic key pair.

Universal password and username: A single username that identifies users across Web3 chains and protocols.


With time and interest, almost anyone can learn how Decentralized Finance (DeFi) works: how to set up a wallet, provide liquidity or lend crypto for passive income. But for more widespread adoption to occur, the transition to Web3 shouldn’t require much time and must simplify users’ lives. 

Web3: More Inclusive Than Real Life

Going further, devs should make the transition from Web2 to Web3 seamless for disabled communities too, as they shouldn’t miss out on DeFi or the Metaverse. In fact, the opportunity is there for technology to make Web3 more inclusive to people with disabilities than the “real” physical world.

“Well, blind people use the internet, so I’m guessing that similar technologies could be utilized, or having protected audio recordings – I just read a post yesterday about a guy whose wife is blind. He recorded himself reading a short story with his wife’s seed phrase and other information scattered. Also, there will be blind innovators who figure out what is best. Super important to consider accessibility because that’s what brings adoption,” shared a user on Reddit.


In regard to blind and vision-impaired people specifically, it is essential to ingrained accessibility features into protocols from the ground up. Here are some ideas that could make their crypto lives easier:

Cold and Hot Wallets should have fewer buttons, voice recognition, and read out loud every action they perform. 

DeFi protocols should provide detailed audio descriptions of DeFi strategies and returns and easily connect via voice recognition to users’ wallets. 

Metaverse should have detailed audio descriptions of the virtual worlds and stimulate other senses, including touch and smell. 

Neuralink promises to deliver long-term solutions to disabled communities and has the potential to play a significant role in the Metaverse

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