How to Check Binance Smart Chain Yield Farms And Token Prices

You can now track the yields of BSC platforms and the prices of their tokens, all from within our website.


Binance Smart Chain brought sweet relief to both developers and users of decentralized finance (DeFi). Before BSC came along, the Ethereum blockchain was the chain of choice for developers of decentralized applications. But as the number of projects on Ethereum grew, the network started experiencing network congestion leading up to lags and high gas fees. DeFi frantically needed an alternative. Finally, on September 1, 2020, Binance Smart Chain went live.

Binance Smart Chain brought many benefits, especially cheap transaction fees, to DeFi users. It didn’t take long after BSC’s launch before we started witnessing not just swelling numbers of users but also a migration of already existing Ethereum projects to BSC.

Though the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is growing in numbers, members of the DeFi community have longed to have a tool that will give a bird’s-eye view of the projects on the entire BSC network. While Coinmarketcap and Coingecko were popular choices when a DeFi user wants to view the information and metrics of BSC projects, they had limited features.

To fill in the gap, we are excited to announce to the BSC community that BSCNews now has a Tools’ Dashboard on our website through which you can keep track of a project’s yield potential and prices of tokens! As we keep you updated with news of the latest happenings on BSC, you will now be able to see how each platform on BSC is performing. This, apart from keeping you well informed, will help guide your investment decisions.

Overview Of The Tools Dashboard

To access our new tool, go to our homepage. You will see the Tools tab at the top of the page.

Clicking on it will reveal four sub-tabs, namely Yield Farming, BSC Price Index, BSC Projects, and BSC Yield Optimizers

Yield Farming

The Yield Farming tab provides data about the three major yield farming platforms on BSC: Venus, Pancakeswap, and MDEX.

Clicking on the name of each platform will bring up the details of their pools. You will see the total value locked (TVL) in each pool, their yearly and daily APYs etc. 

BSC Price Index

Here you can find the market indices of BSC tokens. Market indicators such as 24hr and 7day percentage change in price, market capitalization, and price chart are displayed for each token. The data is updated in real-time. 

To quickly jump to a particular token, type in the token’s name in ‘Search Token’. As an example, typing TWT will instantly take us to the data set for the Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

For each price index, you can also sort/filter the data in either ascending or descending order. To do this, tap the up-down arrow beside an index. In the example below, the 24hr percentage change in price has been sorted in ascending order.

BSC Projects

Under this category, you will see BSC projects laid out in card-sized presentations.

The default view is a mix of projects in different sectors of blockchain/DeFi, but you can also click on the tabs for particular categories to see projects under that sector. 

If you select ‘Lending & Borrowing’ for instance, projects in that category will be populated.

Submit/Report A Project

If you are a developer or admin of a project, and you would want your project to be listed on BSCNews, go to ‘Submit Your Project‘ and fill in the project’s details in the form provided. BSCNews would promptly review the project and list it after verifying the details. 

On the flip side, we are aware that blockchain and decentralised finance are getting increasingly infiltrated by shady projects. Rug pulls are increasing in frequency. While BSCNews will make every effort to list only legitimate projects, the chances are that despite our diligence, one or two undeserving projects might slip through. If you see any unsafe project that is listed on BSCNews, kindly fill the form at ‘Report A Project‘ to let us know. We will make necessary investigations and delist such a project after verifying the claims against it.

  1. BSC Yield Optimizers

This page displays BSC’s top four yield optimizing protocols: PancakeBunnyBelt.FiAutoFarmBeefy. Clicking on each protocol will show the vaults and pools in that protocol. 

Details such as the level of impermanent loss inherent in each pool/vault and the form of reward etc., are displayed.

Last Words

BSCNews has the vision to cater to all your BSC information needs. As part of our commitment towards keeping you up to date with BSC news, we have added the new tools’ dashboard so that our readers can easily compare yields of different platforms and be up to date with the prices of BSC tokens. We hope you would find it very helpful.

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