How DexGuru Leverages 0x API to Provide Unparalleled On-Chain Coverage to DeFi Users

DexGuru is leveraging the 0x API to provide on-chain coverage for DeFi users.

“The Only Protocol Capable” 

DexGuru is a decentralized trading protocol seeking to deliver a trading experience far closer to a centralized exchange. In a recent interview with 0x Labs, DexGuru founder Nick Sawinyh outlined their philosophy and explained why the company decided to utilize the 0x API. 

In Sawinyh’s words: “Our competency is UI/UX design and data analysis. When we started developing DexGuru, we wanted to avoid development overhead and focus on what we know how to do best, and use existing 3rd party solutions for order routing. That’s how we came up with 0x API.”

He went on to add that “0x is probably the only protocol on the market capable of building a DEX aggregator that prioritizes protocol development over in-house products.”


What is DexGuru?

DexGuru is a trading terminal which aggregates real-time data from every DEX on the market. It combines this with detailed, granular, on-chain research, powerful analytical tools, and the necessary tools to complete trade executions.

The user interface of Dex Guru is designed to provide easy access to decentralized protocols on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. 

Orders on DexGuru are routed as follows:

Ethereum – Uniswap, Kyber, Curve, Balancer, CREAM, Bancor, mStable, Shell, Swerve, SnowSwap, SushiSwap, DODO, Mooniswap (1inch protocol AMM)

BSC – PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Mooniswap, DODO_V2, SushiSwap, Nerve Finance, Belt Finance, Ellipsis

As Nick Sawinyh explained to 0x, the intention of DexGuru is to provide a trading experience that is much closer to what traders expect from a centralized exchange, but running on decentralized protocols. Sawinyh says, “When traders from traditional CeFi exchanges see modern decentralized exchanges like Uniswap for the first time, they always ask where the charts are and how to see what’s going on with the market.”

The philosophy of DexGuru is that any interaction an asset has with on-chain data can be mined for useful analytics and insights. The company ranks and labels wallets based upon on-chain trading activity, “so you can access real-time deal flow for any token and see who’s buying or selling those tokens.”

The Impressive UI/UX of Dex Guru

The Future for DexGuru

To take DexGuru to the next level, the company plans to consume and index as much on-chain data as possible. Nick Sawinyh believes that the greater the data that Dex Guru holds, the better DexGuru users will analyze the market and make good decisions. As the DexGuru founder states, “Our mid-term goal is to bring data from all EVM [Ethereum Virtual Machine] compatible chains and markets into a single UI.”

DexGuru has the financial backing to help it pursue that goal. In April, the company successfully completed a $1 million seed funding round with ParaFi Capital, Lemniscap, The LAO, Divergence Ventures, and BitScale. In addition, Loi Luu from Kyber, Evgeny Yurtaev from Zerion, Julien Bouteloup, and Calvin Chu also joined as angel investors.

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