How Demole – a Blockchain RPG – Plans to Change the NFT Gaming Industry

Demole seeks to change the way that blockchain gaming is approached, centering its attention on creating a self-sustaining product that appeals to gamers and investors alike.

A Long Way From the Beginning

Gaming has undergone a series of progressive evolutions since the days of walk-in arcades and the original consoles, but the concept behind it always remained the same: you pay, you play. Indeed, gaming becoming a multi-billion user industry (over 3.24 billion users according to Statista) has turned the space into a lucrative enterprise for developers. The most devoted gamers will spend hundreds, even thousands, all in the name of improving their ‘battle station’.

Despite the hefty rise in costs, gamers have demonstrated that they are willing to pay – the gaming industry is pushing towards a valuation of over $260 billion in 2025. Demole seeks to change the way that blockchain gaming is approached, centering its attention on creating a self-sustaining product that appeals to gamers and investors alike.

Why Pay to Play When You Can Be Paid to Play?

The rise of Web 3.0 has changed everything we thought we knew about gaming, however. With the advent of blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a gaming staple. Users are willing to spend a tremendous amount on NFT-based blockchain games like Axie Infinity, but unlike sinking that money into traditional gaming, blockchain gaming offers a way to make it back. Blockchain games are Play-to-Earn (P2E), usually involving gamers earning the platform’s native tokens through gameplay.

The Wrong Target

However, this has created a problem where it is investors who interact the most with these play-to-earn games, rather than the originally targeted gamer audience. This is due to how the developers build the games, which are often shallow in both content and design, with their focus being almost exclusively on the P2E aspect. The main issue with this is the lack of sustainability; the weak designs and poor gameplay grow stale for investors, and interest in the project dries up as quickly as it began.

Demole Has the Ultimate Solution

This is where Demole steps in, providing a complete package that can satisfy investors and gamers alike. DeFi Monster Legends (stylized as Demole) is a completely three-dimensional (3D) role-playing game (RPG) available on both PC and mobile. The 3D graphics of the game will definitely bring the most epic battle scenes ever.

Also, the integration between PvE and PvP content allows players to create their own stories through exploration while still being able to fight powerful bosses at the same time providing challenges unlike any before it.

Why Demole Has the Upper Hand

RPGs have been one of the most popular genres in gaming since their inception; they are expected to reach a global market value of over $22.4 million by 2023 according to the Business Research Company. NFTs have also seen a tremendous influx of capital, with over $2.5 billion in sales this year in July according to Reuters – a truly remarkable increase from the $13.7 million they had posted in the same time period in 2020.

Launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with near-zero transaction fees, Demole offers a truly seamless and easy to play gaming experience that users can start enjoying from just $50. Players can enjoy a low barrier for entry into this blockchain-based release with the goal of mass adoption in mind at launch time when it comes out in Q4 2021.

The $DMLG Token and the Demole Ecosystem

Through collaborations with partners like X21, Consensus Labs, DAO Maker, and Metrix Capital, the Demole team has developed a sustainable model that solves the issues that NFT-based games often face such as token value and inflation.

Besides, the $DMLG token is a versatile and multifaceted digital asset that performs a range of functions within the Demole ecosystem. Users can stake their holdings, earning rewards, or simply holding on to it for passive profit sharing while also ensuring appropriate levels of inflation.

$DMLG Distribution Breakdown

The constant redistribution of $DMLG ensures appropriate inflation rates and incentives for holders. The smart contract will divide the distribution as follows:

Token Burns: 30-70%

Development and Maintenance: 5-25%

In-Game Rewards: 10-35%

Staking Reward Pool: 5-20%

The total supply of $DMLG is 500,000,000. Out of this number, 30% goes to the Demole ecosystem, with a 2% monthly release for 50 months after launch.

Looking to the Future

The Demole platform has already completed extensive testing. Their NFT integration and game design has also been completed. In the near future, Demole users can expect the $DMLG Initial Dex Offering (IDO) announcement, followed by the release of their NFTs, marketplace, and the game itself. The Demole team plans to implement their social features and in-game tournaments in 2022, as well as the crafting function for items and in-game boosters.

Leveraging their unique niche as a fully 3D, immersive gaming experience, Demole is set to take the blockchain gaming industry by storm.

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