HotCross Employs New Huobi Wallet on Back of Updated Website

HotCross is popping up all over, supporting different projects and providing ecosystem benefits.

HotCross Strengthens Ecosystem

The HotCross team has continued its support across a variety of projects. A few weeks after listing on Huobi Global, HotCross has integrated the Huobi Wallet into the HotCross Decentralized Application (dApp). The dApp also integrated BitKeep OS. 

The latest announcements came through a slew of tweets from the begenning of March. The most recent Huobi and BitKeep integrations came on March 18. 

“We’ve just deployed a new version of the Hot Cross application that now supports @HuobiWallet,” the protocol tweeted on March 18. “If you’re a Huobi Wallet user simply choose the wallet icon when connecting to the dapp and enjoy!”

The HotCross also launched its first-ever Cross Pool “2” that boosts HOTDOG/HOTCROSS stakers for two weeks of rewards worth $100,000 beginning March 15. On top of all these updates and lateral support projects, HotCross has updated their website for a cool new feel on March 9, along with a new KYC page a few days later.


The HotCross NFTs have also been growing in popularity, with the team celebrating the ongoing partnership with Liquid Collectibles by giving away ten Liquid Monsters NFTs beginning on March 19. The protocols NFT staking opportunities continue to grow as well gaining APYs as high as 75%. 

The support and benefit that HotCross brings to the crypto ecosystem is strong and wide. The team specifically brings partnerships, safety, and more to the BNB Chain. There are nearly 20,000 HOTCROSS holders on BNB Chain and the token is responsible for nearly 1 million transfers. 

Web3Wire hosted Philip Arthur Moore, a co-lead from HotCross, from a livestream earlier in January 2022 to discuss the protocol’s development at length. Be sure to check it out!

What is Hot Cross?

Hot Cross is a multi-chain tool suite designed for both blockchain developers and their communities. Hot Cross’s team consists of web3, iOS, and Android builders whose competencies range across many disciplines. The main goal of Hot Cross is to be a toolbox for Ethereum Virtual Machine networks. While Hot Cross is a company and an ecosystem in and of itself, their goals align towards allowing niche communities to flourish using the tools and technologies they provide. The team at Hot Cross are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes of crypto and decentralized finance.

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