Hotcross Begins NFT Whitelist Open for Public

The multi-chain and cross-chain tool suite are now dipping its feet in the NFT ecosystem with the Cross Boss NFT collection.

NFT Whitelist Sale on Multichain Platform

Hot Cross has announced the Cross Bosses NFT Whitelist Sale on December 23, due to begin at 14:00 UTC, December 24.

The sale will be open to the public at 14.45 UTC on the same day. The maximum amount that can be minted per wallet is 6 NFTs at 400 HOTDOG tokens per NFT. HOTDOG is the native token of the Hot Cross ecosystem. The sale finishes at 14:00 UTC on Dec. 25. Additionally, leading up to the sale, the protocol has announced that the Cross Boss NFTs will gain utility in Jan. 2022 with NFT staking.

However, there are some basic aspects that the protocol has highlighted:

Users can access the presale once the KYC is completed at the access link.

Public Session to start after the pre-sale is over.

Price to remain the same for both sessions – 400 HOTDOG tokens.

Source: Hot Cross Twitter

As previously reported by Bsc.News, the protocol launched a multi-chain launchpad called an Initial Hot Cross Offering (IHO) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The launchpad is compatible with several blockchain networks like EthereumBSC, Polygon, Huobi ECO Chain (HECO), KuCoin Community ChainHarmony, and Avalanche.

What is HotCross?

HotCross is a multi and cross-chain tool suite that aims to be a toolbox for Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks. The tool suite can be utilized by both blockchain teams and communities. The thesis that the platform presents is that users and teams could migrate in parts to new blockchains networks that feel familiar when provided with good tooling and freedom.

Find more about HotCross here:

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