HOT!!! WAAA – Super Project That Has Raised $1M Officially Open For Pre-Sale

WAAA (short for We Are All Alike) is heating up with upcoming presale called “The Starfall”.

About WAAA

Previously, WAAA surprised the blockchain world when it surpassed thousands of other projects to become the only PFP NFT project that successfully raised $1M of investment. Supported by Creatory, one of the well-established Digital Entertainment companies in Vietnam that owns the most popular streamers with over 20 Gold Button from YouTube, WAAA is a potential project that promises a media boom in the Vietnam market and all over the world.

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The project has great art, thanks to the involvement of top 2D & 3D studios in Vietnam. More than that, WAAA comes along with its unique lore and concept. The universe of WAAA revolves around a mystique energy called Life Force, one of the fundamental forces that permeate all living beings. Though invisible to the naked eye, Life Force is essential for organic substances to gain consciousness & willpower. Throughout human history & cultures, there are chosen people who can manipulate this Life Force to perform magical practices. They are called Lifemancers. Every NFT from the collection is the portrait of your inner Lifemancers, waiting to be awakened and join the universe.

Which side would you choose? Or walk your own path? 
Join WAAA to create your own NFT and awaken your inner Lifemancer!

WAAA opens super attractive Pre-Sale called “The Starfall”

Since it launched, WAAA has been one of the fastest-growing projects. WAAA decided to heat up the vibe further by announcing a Pre-Sale event called “The Starfall”. The event explains the origin of Lifemancing power, which originated from a Cosmic Egg. When the Cosmic Egg exploded at the same time with the Big Bang, its remnants flew across the universe and became Cosmic Shards. The Cosmic Shards fall into the Earth and awaken people’s power. The lore fits well with the storyline and makes the Pre-Sale even more alluring.

On February 24th, 300 NFTs called “Cosmic Shards” will be open to the public to purchase at a price point of 0.08 ETH per piece. But you have to place a bid in bundles of 3, 6 or 9 pieces. The WAAA team will handpick the winning bidder. Once you are selected, the Cosmic Shards will be transferred to your Wallet and ready to reveal the NFTs they contained after the official Minting.

Inside every Cosmic Shard is the NFT from the WAAA collection, which will be revealed after the Minting.

Early buyers from this Pre-Sale will also get some privileges, including becoming the first members of WAAA’s DAO, having the right to propose ideas, making votes, and executing the first ideas from the DAO to expand WAAA’s IP universe further. 

But you have to be quick! Since the demand is high, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to buy some of the 300 Cosmic Shards in time, even though WAAA says the sales will last 72 hours.

Investors can get more information about this Pre-Sale on the Website or via Twitter.

WAAA Vision and Actions

WAAA vision: To build a collective decentralized organization for youngsters with various talents. With a strong vision to enable young people’s talents and create a sustainable business model through the technology of NFT, the team has put together a well-built DAO system for the community where members can see who is in the community to connect and support. Some of the other features include proposing, voting, and executing ideas/events to further grow the community experience and the brand WAAA. The team is also preparing some interesting projects to kick off the DAO.

Community-first spirit is strong – 100% of revenue from pre-sale goes back to the DAO to help incubate ideas & potential businesses of the community.

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