Hot Cross on Top as 18 Projects Vie for PancakeSwap Farm

Hot Cross and two other protocols were victorious in the latest PancakeSwap community farm auction.

Hot Cross Wins PancakeSwap Farm Auction 

Hot Cross is among the latest winners of the 1x multiplier farms from the 13th community farm auction on PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which would last for a week. 

The cross-chain tool suite for blockchains and their communities was among the 18 whitelisted projects featured in the just concluded PancakeSwap Community Farm Auction. The protocol won the right to host a 7-day Farm on the popular DEX alongside two other projects—The Parallel and 8Pay. The winning farms will go live on January 21st, according to PancakeSwap’s Tweet on January 19th. 

“The winning farms will be going live for one week at 1x multiplier, within 48 hours: HOTCROSS-BNB, PRL-BUSD, 8PAY-BUSD,” the DEX’s tweet reads. 


Users may deposit HOTCROSS-BNB into the protocol’s Cross Yield farm at a 0.1x multiplier or into PancakeSwap farm at a 1x multiplier. Hot Cross announced its winning slot via Twitter in the early hours of Thursday, January 20th. The protocol also thanked PancakeSwap for the opportunity to participate in the farm auction. 

“We’ll return to @pancakeswap on the 21st with a 1x farm for a week. We already have a farm at 0.1x so you can deposit HOTCROSS-BNB into PCS or Cross Yield now. Win-win either way. Thanks to the chefs for having us in this week’s auction!” Hot Cross wrote on Twitter. 

The CEO of Hot Cross, Arthur Moore, came to the DeFi Direct Livestream on January 15th to discuss the project’s offerings with the host and co-founder of DeFi Direct, GoonTrades. You can check the recap of the event here

What is Hot Cross? 

Hot Cross is a multi-chain tool suite designed for both blockchain developers and their communities. Hot Cross’ team consists of Web4, iOS, and Android builders whose competencies range across many disciplines. The main goal of Hot Cross is to be a toolbox for Ethereum Virtual Machine networks. While Hot Cross is a company and an ecosystem in and of itself, their goals align towards allowing niche communities to flourish using the tools and technologies they provide. The team at Hot Cross are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes of crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

Follow Hot Cross at their socials: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

What PancakeSwap? 

PancakeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on BSC. It offers users various features such as Liquidity Pools, Swapping, Yield Farming, Syrup Pools, Automated Market Maker, Initial Farm Offering (IFO), NFT profile system, and many others. 

In addition, the protocol helps users make the most out of their crypto assets by trading, earning through yield farming, and winning via lottery, prediction, and NFT collectibles. With the highest trading volumes in the market, PancakeSwap is the leading DEX on the BSC. 

Where to find PancakeSwap: Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub

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