Hot Cross Co-Lead Joins DeFi Direct Livestream

The CEO of Hot Cross shows a wealth of knowledge as deep as the Hot Cross toolbox as itself.

Hot Cross Shows Crypto in Good Hands

DeFi Direct brought in a unique project for the latest iteration of the livestream. Philip Arthur Moore, CEO and Co-Lead of Hot Cross, came on the show to explain how his protocol is building a versatile multichain suite of web3 tools and products that evolves to meet the trends of the day. 

The project and vision of Hot Cross are broad and quite easy to understand. They want to be a toolbox for creators and users across a variety of chains. The sticky part is what they may be doing day to day as they constantly trying to change and keep up with the trends in DeFi.

“There’s no such thing as focus in crypto because trends change every two or three months. In two or three months when we talk again, you’re going to get a completely different answer about what we do,” Arthur Moore told host Greg, GoonTrades

HotCross has evolved to––at its current state––focus heavily on community and customer-focused support. HotCross follows trends like GameFi and seeks to provide developers tools that are Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible. Arthur Moore spoke at length to GoonTrades how Hot Cross reached its current state which showed a keen market sense.

Some of the more informative moments in the conversation came towards the end as GoonTrades choose to play a bit off-script and pick the brain of Arthur Moore, coaxing the CEO to wax on the travails of a multichain protocol. 

The full conversation funs over an hour but is well worth the indulgence. Arthur Moore has some careful, but honest words, regarding decentralization in the crypto industry.

What is Hot Cross?

Hot Cross is a multi-chain tool suite designed for both blockchain developers and their communities. Hot Cross’s team consists of web3, iOS, and Android builders whose competencies range across many disciplines. The main goal of Hot Cross is to be a toolbox for Ethereum Virtual Machine networks. While Hot Cross is a company and an ecosystem in and of itself, their goals align towards allowing niche communities to flourish using the tools and technologies they provide. The team at Hot Cross are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes of crypto and decentralized finance.

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