Horror Ape Club Debuts With Giveaways of 26 NFTs

Projects on BNB Chain have come together in a big way to gift some of their highly coveted NFTs in a debut event led by Horror Ape Club.

BNB Frens Come Together

Horror Ape Club launched an inclusive and heavily attended giveaway event featuring some of the leading projects on the BNB Chain.

The project held the event on May 14 at 18:00 UTC and saw leading lights on BNB Chain participating and offering up NFTs. The event brought ‘frens’ together in the aftermath of Horror Ape Club seeing their NFTs completely mint out in under four hours in the previous week. The event took place on the project’s Telegram with over 150 participants. 

“It’s been a great success. Over 150+ live participants from all projects attended,” Horror Ape Club’s Kuba JG stated. “In general, what we’re trying to do is unite the BSC space and get all BSC projects to work towards the same goal. Uniting our incredibly strong (and loyal) communities and educating people about the BSC NFT space.”


The event indicates the energy Horror Ape Club is bringing to the space. There is a concerted effort to bring together BNB Chain projects that have already been banding together and enjoying an upswing in attention and performance.

In the aftermath of this intriguing and inclusive event, Horror Ape Club also confirmed to BSC News that they will be launching a Charity NFT Auction with funds going to Share The Meal. The project’s efforts will have a philanthropic impact, highlighting their intention to contribute to good causes as they progress and do well. 


To highlight the sheer size of the projects that were in support and participating in the hugely popular event, BSC News has included the list of twenty-four projects below:

Apefam, Baby Banana Ape Social Club, Crypto Girlfriends, Degen Ape Club, Galgos Club, Josh the Flamingp, Jungle Kings, Liquid Collectibles, MetaRaffes, MoonWalkeres DAO, New Wizard Order, Nibblers, Non Fungible Bananas, Non Fungible Moonbirds, Octopets, Psybulls, Retro Boys Association, Shitpunks, Sluggish Sloths, Sriracha Inu, Sweet Stacks NFT Lottery, The Bull Society, The Willy, Trippy Trunkz, and PixelSweeper.

If this event is a sign of things to come—and a frens club so large—Horror Ape Club may continue to have a huge impact on the BNB Chain NFT space. BSC News will follow their progress and the impact they have on the chain. 

What is Horror Ape Club:

Horror Ape Club (HAC) is a collection of 3333 fairly distributed unique & horrifying apes that live on the BNB Chain (BEP-20). HAC is not affiliated with Yuga Labs, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, or other ape-themed NFT Projects. However, they recently sold out their collection and have been heavily involved in organizing events bringing together some of the most successful projects on the chain

Where to find Horror Ape Club:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

Source : bsc.news

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