Hong Kong Crypto Groups Kick Off Free Seminar Series

Hong Kong’s top crypto groups are hosting a Digital Asset Series of free educational seminars from August to November 2022.

Hong Kong’s leading crypto groups are hosting free seminars to educate the public on blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency.

The Digital Asset Series includes eight events from August to November 2022.

Sponsored by the world’s first international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities (TADS Awards), the series will feature industry leaders, professionals, regulators, and academic scholars from the fintech ecosystem.

Source: Digital Asset Series

“With the current downturn in the market, this is the perfect timing and opportunity to study and consolidate your knowledge of crypto and Web3,” said Alex Au, Organizing Committee member and Co-Founder of Hong Kong Digital Asset Society.

“Current market has some common misconceptions about NFTs, and education is the key to clarify and better understand the potential value and utility. DAS is a very meaningful and powerful platform to achieve such goals.” said Tony Chan, Co-Chair at the NFT Association of Hong Kong.

The eight seminar topics are:

Investment Strategies and Asset Management for Digital Assets

Digitized Securities and Security Tokens

Digital Asset for ESG, Impact and Social Good

Regulatory and Compliance Landscape in the Digital Asset

Stablecoin and Central Bank Digital Currency

DeFi and Cryptocurrencies

Web3.0, Metaverse, and NFT Opportunities for Youth

Market Opportunities in GBA (Greater Bay Area)

The first seminar was held on Aug. 30 discuss Investment Strategies and Asset Management for Digital Assets, featuring speakers Robert Lui, Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader at Deloitte China; Gary Tiu, Head of Regulatory Affairs at BC Technology; Michael Wong, Co-founder at MaiCapital; Cheney Cheng, Managing Partner at Altive, and Brian Chan, Investment Director, Asset Management at Venture Smart Asia Ltd.

Source : bsc.news

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