HolySharks: Step Into An Ocean Economy Metaverse Game

HolySharks is an ocean economy metaverse game and an art collection platform where participants themselves will control the changes in the products they participate in.

What is HolySharks?

HolySharks is an ocean economy metaverse game that aims to provide players with complete control over the platform and their in-game experience. The game follows a play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism and allows players to earn in a number of ways. 

The governance token of the platform is the HLS Token (HLS) which is based on the BEP-20 token standard. The God Currency (GDC) is another token that plays a crucial role of the Ocean economy and fee of evolution.

Source: Docs

A prominent feature of the HolySharks project is the HolyWorld, where players will collect and nurture ocean creatures by completing quests in the game. The game can be played by forming a team of sharks collectibles and fighting, buying & selling Sharks with other players.

“Sharks are encrypted into NFT and minted on BSC in the sale, so ownership of the Sharks is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind,” said the official doc.

As mentioned in the document, the aim of the platform is to provide: 

Tokenization and digitalization of gaming characters.

Create artistic and unique NFTs. Leverage the trend of NFTs more.

Create many mechanisms to expand the playing field in the field of NFTs for users.

Stable Passive Income Revenue earning model.


The gameplay is based on the play-to-earn mechanism. The players on the platform can easily earn additional income in the form of HLS/GDC tokens.

Source: Docs

The gameplay includes the following: 

Players can battle with other players and world bosses or compete in tournaments. Participating in the HolyWar (PVE, PVP, Tournament, Ranking, WorldBoss) will help the players earn additional rewards.

Players can evolve the Sharks they own and create new sharks with additional abilities, earning a chance to become a God or Demigod, which gets higher rewards. 

HolyLands is the place where players can Field, Shed, and Mine to get ingredients that will empower the sharks owned by players.

The Ocean Economy is a decentralized marketplace in the HolySharks metaverse, which also acts as a deflation system.

HolyShark NFTs

HolyShark NFTs are not collectible only but are also in-game characters. They are classified under 6 types of rarity: C, B/ B+, A/ A+, S/S+, Demigod, and God. Moreover, each NFT will have up to 100 levels.

Players will own Sharks which will be classified by class and have these attributes: 

HP: Blood.

God ability chance: Increases the chance of getting skills and awakening god skills.

Skill: Skill will be divided by class of Shark. Sharks can combine many skills simultaneously (combo) if they possess enough equipment and evolution.

Speed: Speed determines the turn order. Sharks with a higher speed point will take the attack first in order.

Defense: reduces damage per hit.


The PVE requires the character to follow a path that is decided by Length, i.e., the further the character goes, the more reward they earn. At the start, the character will have full stamina, and with distance, it will decrease. 

The PVP has two versions: 

3v3 (NFT versus NFT): The player will choose three cards to fight with other players in this mode.

5v5 (NFT versus NFT): This mode is similar to 3v3, where the player chooses five cards to participate in the battle.

Ocean Economy

With HolySharks, players can become part of an economy where they can develop social networks, engaging in more than 15 infrastructure sectors. The players on the platform will have everything to build their own economy. 


Players will start with 3 default plots. They can buy more seeds at the NPCs, and each will have a different price. A seed with a greater change of rewards will be expensive. Moreover, players will have to take care of plants by watering, etc. 

Mining Breeding

Players can participate in the mining activity just once a day, and rewards will show up randomly in the form of gems or treasure maps. Treasure maps are used to find treasure, and once a mine is a treasure map, the time to explore the treasure will be different, and the more time, the better the reward obtained. 

In order to begin the breeding process, the level of NFT must be at least 30 out of 100. For each significant evolution at level 30 and level 70, the NFT will receive two spawns, and the 2 NFTs must have the same ranks or a minimum difference of one rank.

“After starting the breeding process, these 2 NFTs will be locked for a period of 4h – during this time, the locked NFTs can’t trade, PVE or PVP,… After that, 2 NFTs will have a cooldown of 48 hours to start breeding for the next batch.,” explained the whitepaper.

After the process ends, the player will receive an egg which will in turn hatch into an NFT.


The project has a lot of upcoming progress planned for the platform, including DeFi lending, DEX to HolySharks, and more summarized in the image below.

Source: Docs


The HLS token is the governance token of the platform and below are the details:

Source: Docs

Final Thoughts

HolySharks is one of the few metaverse games based in the ocean and aims to provide a number of ways to help players earn. The P2E game uses NFTs, which can be bought, sold, and traded in the game. 

The platform will incentivize the players via HLS and GDC tokens and also with NFTs. With the breeding and farming processes, the players can earn more and increase their in-game holdings.






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