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BSC.NEWS hosts Holdefi, a platform that allows you to Hodl your crypto asset while spending. All questions answered by Cengiz

Lola (AMA HOST): Can the team member of HOLDEFI say hi?

Cengiz: Hi everybody, Glad to be here. I’m from Holdefi project and ready to answer your questions.

Feel free to ask anything about Holdefi ☺️

Lola (AMA HOST): You’re welcome Cengiz. Glad to have you with us today. 

Hope you’re good.


Me too😉😊

Lola (AMA HOST): Good👍

Let’s move on to the questions.

At the 2nd half, the Community would be dropping their questions and you can pick any 3 questions of your choice. 

Shall we start now

Cengiz: OK lets start.

Q1. Can we get to know more about you and your team? What are your roles and past experiences?

Cengiz:We are a +30 person company based in Turkey and have more than four years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. We had a lot of success in the local sector, and today we are looking to implement our first global project.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. What a team! More than team.  And How have been your experience with them?

What’s your role?

Cengiz: I am content leader of this lovely team. 

We have Blockchain Development team, Web development, Marketing, R&D, Content, Graphic Design and management.

Lola (AMA HOST): Ohh. Great.

Q2.  A lot of Projects are either on BSC or ETH. Rare to see Multichain Projects. Why did you choose to be on both? Is there anything behind this great move?

Cengiz: We have developed Holdefi on ethereum blockchain from the start. But today it is not hidden to anyone that BSC growth was really amazing and has its own community and fans. So we have decided to launch Holdefi protocol and token also on BSC besides ethereum.

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s really good

Q3. Holdefi is an Opensource non-custodial money market protocol that allows users to be depositors or borrower. How can users participate?

Cengiz: Depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, and everyone can borrow from this liquidity and repay it after a while. The Borrower must add collateral before borrowing any tokens. The value of the collateral should be greater than the value of the assets they want to borrow. This collateral is, in fact, a guarantee that they will repay the borrowed assets.

Lola(AMA HOST): Okay. Aside from the Collateral, will there be any interest?

Cengiz: No.

Collatoral is only a guarantee for repaying the borrowed assets.

Lola (AMA HOST): Okay. Thanks 😊

Q4. What offer do you have for HLD token holders?

Cengiz: HLD has many use cases include but are not limited to: Protocol governance, Burning, Liquidity mining, staking, Revenue sharing.

I will also share some links at last for reading more about the details.

Lola (AMA HOST): Okay. That would be nice.

Q5. Is there any requirements to join in the HLD IDO? And what should participants expect?

Cengiz: Our IDO has been finished. Now HLD is being traded on PancakeSwap and UniSwap. HLD also being added to centralized exchanges in the near future.

Lola (AMA HOST): All right. Thanks for the Update.

Q6. Can you also tell the Community about the revenue sharing and Liquidity mining?

Cengiz: Liquidity mining in summary means when people provide liquidity to Holdefi protocol they can earn/mine HLD token.

Revenue sharing also means Holdefi protocol revenue from the fees will be shared with the token holders.

Q7. What’s the Future plans of this HOLDEFI?

Cengiz: Staking, competitions, Holdefi-V2, and many many plans are coming. We have a whole long-term plan that I do not want to spoil now😉, but our path is very long and certainly, those who joined us from the beginning could be very lucky.

Lola (AMA HOST): Wow! That’s quite impressive. Then we are ready to journey with you to the Future. ☺️

Q8. Can you explain to the community about HLD pools?

Cengiz: If you mean HLD pools on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, Liquidity provided tokens by the team are going to be locked for years.

Lola (AMA HOST): Can you give exact period? Like for how many years?

Cengiz: We did not make final decision yet but I think at least 4 years. Maybe we will do that with the third party like TrustSwap. We will announce to the community when we made it.

Q9. Can you tell the Community what makes your Project different from others?

Cengiz: I can mention some of them here.

At Holdefi we have a feature called Promotion that we can do it on different markets which is Increase interest rates.

This feature helps us to increase the liquidity of our pools quickly and grow fast.

or on the otherside, we can decrease the borrow rate for borrowers to attract them to the platform

We seperate the market and collateral pools so that users can withdraw their money at any time. it is what other platforms do not have right now!

This pic also can describe promotion feature better. 

Again community can find more details in our documents. I will share the links in the end of our conversation.

Lola (AMA HOST): All right.

Q10. Do share with us all the links that the readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Cengiz: Holdefi website:


Detail about HLD token

Our documents

Holdefi smart contracts

Holdefi Blog

Holdefi announcements

Holdefi community


Lola (AMA HOST): Thanks Cengiz. 

Can we also have the roadmap or is there a lite paper link we can check through too?

Cengiz:Yes you can find our whitepaper and other details at docs.holdefi.com/

Lola (AMA HOST): Okay. That’s great.

Q11.  Lastly, our favourite question in BSC News, do you have any alpha or juicy news that you can share with us today?


We are in the last phases of Holdefi codes audit and tests, So Holdefi mainnet will be launched at the end of April early May.😊

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. Can’t wait for it!

Cengiz: 🙈

Lola (AMA HOST): Thanks for this wonderful AMA, short and Precised. 😊

Cengiz: Thank you for inviting me here for this AMA.

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