Hold MoonRat and earn BNB!

MoonRat is a new way to earn BNB without any fuss. MoonRat launches a new type of reflecting incentive project that aims to compensate BNB coin holders in exchange for platform tokens. In $BNB, 4% of any transaction is taken and distributed to all MOONRAT holders.

MoonRat introduces the most revolutionary mechanism to the BSC ecosystem. Keeping MoonRat $MRAT tokens in your wallet is a great way to win Binance Coin (BNB) without doing anything extra.

What is the MoonRat token?

MoonRat is the first collaboration on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to provide frictionless incentives to BNB coin holders. You just need to keep MRAT, and no staking is needed. There is no minting, but unlike most other DEFI ventures, there is no inherent sales pressure for our holders.

The Antiwhale initiative, for example, has unique aspects that make it a full community-driven project.

Quick Features:

  • There’s no need to put money into a pool if you don’t want to. The Pool is your wallet!
  • Simply by having it, you win more $MRAT! And you can watch your wallet balance grow by the hour!
  • Anti-whale and zero balance punishment

What is the mechanism behind it?

Three things happen during each transaction:

  • Reflection
  • LP acquisition

·         Manual Burn

Before you may withdraw, you must have to wait a cycle time.  Suppose you keep adding more than 2% of your $MRAT balance during this waiting period. In that case, the waiting period will grow proportionally with the cycle.

Please keep in mind that the amount of BNB you will earn is determined by the ratio of $$MRAT you own to the total BNB pool. As a result, when the total BNB in the reward pool increases, so does your collectible BNB.

How can you purchase $MRAT?

On PancakeSwap, you can simply purchase $MRAT. In reality,  PancakeSwap is the only platform where you can buy $MRAT.

Current status of the project:

A V2 update will be released soon in response to the recent exploitation of the BNB reward pool. This will be accompanied by a 1:1 exchange ratio to the latest $MRAT tokens. You don’t have to do anything other than keep your tokens in your hand.

The team is working hard to keep the BNB reward pool secure. The MoonRat Insight Contest is now open for entries. The aim is for the group to support each other while also being rewarded.


Total Supply: 1 quadrillion $MRAT

  • The launch of the fair received 80% of the vote. On Pancakeswap, we add 80% of the token to the LP.
  • 5% discount for airdrop
  • The foundation receives 15%, while the team gets 4%, and marketing receives 1%. We want to burn the remaining 10% of the base.


MoonRat has a creative, unique, and passive BNB reward system. The team checked the system for any possible vulnerabilities to secure the reward system and users’ funds.

When the V2 platform goes live, it promises to bring many new ideas to the platform. These characteristics are the backbone of the MoonRat ecosystem.

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