HOKK Finance, Meme Utility Token, to Deploy on Binance Smart Chain and Participate in Binance Africa Hackathon

After a rebrand and relaunch, HOKK is preparing to deploy on Binance Smart Chain.

HOKK is Back 

The revamped HOKK Finance protocol has declared its mission to make payments and remittances affordable for everyone, with a particular focus on developing economies. Now the project is utilizing cross-chain technology and joining the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. As part of their foray into BSC, the company will compete in the Binance Africa hackathon which takes place between June 7th and June 28th.

HOKK Finance has been a popular choice on the Binance Africa site

The hackathon marks another major milestone for the project, which is still under 3 months old. The winner of the hackathon will gain a $30,000 prize as well as significant prestige.

All New HOKK

HOKK began life as a humble memecoin, but it has grown into something bigger than a frivolous joke token. The project now aims to create an inclusive financial system built on blockchain technology. They have begun development on a native Decentralized Exchange (DEX). With a DEX now being built and tested, and 56,000 token holders joining the HOKK ecosystem, the project is on an upwards trajectory.

To mark the fact that the company has evolved far beyond its initial scope, the HOKK has undergone a rebranding exercise to give it some polish.

According to HOKK, the new logo combines the letter H, the word Fi and if you look closely, “you’ll notice a subtle dog looking back, hidden in the shapes.”

The rebrand exercise

Steady Progress

As part of the steady progress which HOKK Finance is making, the company has set up a testnet on Ropsten. A number of features are being tried and tested with the HOKKFi DEX primary among them. Liquidity pool mining and the $HOKKFi governance token are also being tested as a matter of priority. Following this, HOKK have stated that they intend to work on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)-voting smart contracts and single asset staking contracts.

Once testing is fully complete HOKK Finance will launch the new product range and airdrop the new $HOKKFi token to existing $HOKK holders.

The Future

While a number of dog-themed tokens have emerged this year, most have produced little real value or utility. As HOKK Finance prepares to join Binance Smrt Chain, this particular dogcoin looks set to buck the trend and provide real utilitarian value for its users.

Source : bsc.news

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