Hobbs Networking (HNW) Identifies Safe Projects Amidst a Landscape of Scams and Rug-Pulls

The project seeks to become a premier developer of cryptocurrency projects along with an upcoming DEX aggregator for smooth token swapping.

Welcome to Hobbs Networking

Hobbs Networking (HNW) is a network of hardworking, successful & skilled professionals that provide a suite of services and products to safely launch, effectively market, and provide on-going support to verified and approved crypto projects. Not to be confused with a typical launch pad with only basic services, HNW provides everything from in-house token contract development, to channel moderating, graphic & website design, AMA voice talent, staff recruitment, booking, consultation, anti-bot safeguards, cyber-security and a community of investors – everything a project needs to go from simple idea to finished product. Any project with great utility, whether soon to launch or already existing, can be taken to new heights.

Hobbs Networking launched the $HNW token on October 17th, 2021 at a starting market cap of $500,000 and within 100 hours of launch reached $17mil. At time of publication, the market cap of $HNW is approximately $13.5 million.

HNW’s Staff is the Utility that Brings Success

Hobbs Networking can take ideas and turn them into reality – breathing life into projects. HNW’s goal is to provide credible, quality and timely service for their clients and bring real value to their stakeholders/investors. Leveraging their extensive network of partners and relationships within the most active and engaged communities in the space, HNW’s most valuable assets are the connections across platforms like Telegram and Discord where they are creating an industry-leading decentralized community of professionals and investors with a reach that extends to tens of thousands.

This is only the beginning – all future projects will stack atop, and be integrated back to the $HNW token’s revenue splitter. The team at HNW first met while working for the Ronin Gamez project, which has seen great success. With the recent success of the $HNW launch, investors are seeing a long-term play with substantial passive income benefits that will create generational wealth for all investors, large and small.

Finding Safe Projects Amidst the Scams and Rug-Pulls

The crypto space has boomed immensely in the last few years exceeding all expectations of early adopters and sceptics alike. The significant volume being transacted has shown that the adoption of blockchain applications, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in particular, is rapidly increasing, with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) serving as one of the most popular options for new crypto projects.

Unfortunately, many of these projects are money-grabs, scams and rug-pulls, and this has created a negative experience for most crypto buyers and dissuades all but the most daring and/or inexperienced. HNW aims to bring together the best clients, investors and industry professionals to make crypto a better and safer place for all investors.

Professional Services Offered & the Innovative Elite Token Standard

HNW is primarily a start-up project incubator and provider of fund-raising, marketing, community-building and launch services – assisting start-ups with funding and support to launch their projects in a smooth, safe and battle-tested way. The goal is to allow client teams to focus on their project development and continue building functionality, while HNW handles the rest: secure launch, marketing, exposure, initial investors & users etc.

The $HNW token is an innovative and safe ERC-31337 standard, also known as the Elite token. This new standard is modular, upgradeable, and uses advanced fee-splitting technology that takes a portion of the $HNW taxes and redistributes them to stakers and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) holders. Future revenue from projects HNW launches will be sent back to the same fee-splitter, rewarding HNW stakeholders. 

There can be a variety of sources for that revenue, whether built into the taxes and/or paid up front. Every project will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and this Elite token technology allows investors and clients to benefit from the revenue generated by HNW’s services and to gain exclusive, and early, access to future HNW projects. 

The NFTs and Staking

HNW has a limited supply of 1,000,000 $HNW tokens. Staking the $HNW token gives investors the opportunity to earn more $HNW tokens weekly. Alternatively, investors can use $HNW tokens to buy the limited-edition NFTs which pay weekly in $BUSD and offer additional incentives such as private sale and whitelist allocations for all future projects, access to VIP Telegram/Discord groups, and revenue percentages based on tier and amount of NFTs held. The HNW NFTs are limited in supply and are categorized in tiers of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Obsidian. The NFTs can only be bought with the $HNW token, and remember, future revenue of new projects will also feed back into the HNW fee-splitter.  

Security for Investors and What’s Next

Investors can feel safe knowing the HNW project is run by an international team of 11 board members that control the multi-signature wallets. All major decisions within Hobbs Networking require a majority vote. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is being made to govern the HNW brand, and will ensure that all projects launched under this umbrella will be safe.

The next project to be launched by HNW’s internal dev team is a DEX Aggregator on November 17th, 2021. At launch, this project will support multiple major blockchains and directly benefit the $HNW token and NFT holders since a portion of all fees will feed back to the $HNW fee-splitter. The DEX Aggregator will provide users with some of the best token swap prices on the market and introduce the official launch pad for future project launches.  Other details will be released soon and more projects are already developed and ready for release. Before long, HNW will be launching 3-4 projects per month, built in-house and by 3rd parties. Get ready.

To learn more about Hobbs Networking, visit the following links:
Email: [email protected]
SK CryptoK
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