Highly Anticipated ApeRocket IAO to be Held on ApeSwap

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) exchange is expecting to see their latest launch join the top of BSC products.

The Offering

ApeRocket’s highly anticipated Initial Ape Offering (IAO) will be held on ApeSwap on May 20th. The ApeRocket IAO could more aptly be described as Initial Ape Offerings since the launch will encompass two parallel synchronized launch events, one purchasing ApeRocket’s $SPACE token with $BNB, the other purchasing $SPACE for $GNANA.

As ApeSwap explains:

“Both offerings will occur at the same time and for the same token price, but they will be on different UI pages, have different hard caps, and use different methods for purchasing $SPACE.”


ApeRocket is a yield optimizer much in the vein of the highly successful and popular PancakeBunny. ApeRocket’s automation allows users to reap the benefits of compounding their yields without the need for additional steps on their part. With ApeRocket, users don’t need to calculate the optimal compound frequency, as everything is done automatically. This helps to maximize potential gains from any strategy while enabling users to automate the process.

Launch Goals

ApeRocket has hopes of becoming for ApeSwap what PancakeBunny is to PancakeSwap. ApeRocket aren’t shy about the comparison either, openly stating that PancakeBunny ‘has influenced us to build ApeRocket’. 

It’s as good a model as any to look to for inspiration. PancakeBunny is enjoying huge success, with around $3 billion of total volume locked (TVL) contributing significantly to the PancakeSwap ecosystem. This means that around a third of all locked liquidity in the PancakeSwap ecosystem can be linked to PancakeBunny. PancakeBunny also figures consistently in the top DeFi platforms on the BSC chain.

In a conversation with ApeTV, Abu, the Head of Marketing for ApeRocket was asked whether ApeRocket had similar ambitions for ApeSwap. He said:

 “The end goal would be to be around half of ApeSwap’s TVL. Aiming for a more down to Earth goal, being humble and taking it step by step, if we hit around 10% it would mean we were already a success.”

At present the ApeSwap TVL is $256 million, giving ApeRocket a $25 million target.

The Offerings

The primary offering of the ApeSwap IAO is $BNB. The $BNB sale takes place at ApeSwap.Finance/IAO. The event will be one hour long, and only $BNB holders can participate.

Launch Time: May 20th at 03:00 UTC

Token Price: $9 per $SPACE (paid in BNB)

For Sale: 55,556 $SPACE

Hard Cap: $500,000

The secondary IAO is $GNANA event which will occur on ApeSwap. The event will be one hour long with only $GNANA holders able to participate.

Launch Time: May 20th at 03:00 UTC

Token Price: $9 per $SPACE (paid in $GNANA)

For Sale: 27,778 $SPACE

Hard Cap: $250,000

Further details are available from the ApeSwap Medium page!

Source : bsc.news

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