HeroFi Play-To-Earn Launches Beta Version With Flashy Gameplay

Play-to-earn is making some major gains as the beta release from HeroFi proves an early success.

Beta Boom from HeroFi

The play-to-earn game on Binance Smart ChainHeroFi, has finally released its beta version, and it looks worth the wait. 

The beta version was only made available to 1000 users who were whitelisted before the launch. HeroFi released the beta game at 14:00 UTC on September 12 with a countdown happening on Twitter. Videos and images of the gameplay soon appeared in the comments and retweets, where fans praised the development team for the game’s impressive look. 

“This is it! The open beta game of @HeroFiio. All the fighting scenes are but smooth and glorious! Really enjoyed it 💎,” tweeted @ronnie_184, which also got a retweet from HeroFi’s account. 

So far, the gameplay from users’ videos on Twitter shows a classic arcade-style game similar to Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. Users can jump around the stage and fight with punches, shooting attacks, and special power-ups unique to their character. 


The game looks built for players of all skills to have a good time. Once released, it will be free to play, so users should certainly be jealous of the early experience the 1000 users will get. 

Positive Community Response

The overall response from users has been very positive. Little to no comments, on Twitter or the community’s Telegram, can be found in disfavor. All the comments heap praise, or in the sake of Telegram, strategic discussions and game clarifications have started. 

“Finally, we have become one of open beta testers. Believe me! I love this game as much as I love Dota and LoL. Playing it and will make ton of money! Thank @HeroFiio for having me involved in your project,” tweeted A.Monstoise, @CraftoiseNFT.

It was only a matter of time until decentralized finance began to see games like HeroFi. The graphics are more than adequate to have an enjoyable experience. There are great sound effects for added ambiance as well. 

The game is not perfect, but it shows a step in the right direction for a beta release. There are few to any Gamefi projects with this type of gameplay experience. It certainly won’t be the last, but HeroFi has given a taste to a potentially great play-to-earn game. 

What is HeroFi? ‍

HeroFi is a mobile RPG game in which players can earn tokens through battles between heroes. Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to everyone. It is completely free to play and indeed play to earn. 

Where to find HeroFi:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

Source : bsc.news

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