HeroFi Enables PvP Mode in Beta and Play-to-Earn Rewards Await Users

New PvP Mode

The beta version of HeroFi is getting hotter and more popular by the day. The GameFi project has launched some new in-game features for their beta version to boost player-versus-player (PvP) action.

HeroFi announced the launch of the new player-to-player battle mode on its social media handles like Telegram and Twitter on September 13th, one day after the beta launch. The new leaderboard will only be available for the PvP mode, not the single-player adventure. Players will be able to fight up to six battles per day for a spot on the global leaderboard. 

“#HeroFi #Beta #Game #PvP Mode Goes Live!! All players are suggested to install the latest version from the homepage to maintain the fairness of the gameplay,” the HeroFi account tweeted. “Ladies and gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINE FOR THE REWARDS AWAITING.”

The battle scoreboard will give users the ultimate test of mettle and incentivize the need for power-ups. HeroFi advised all users to download the latest game update to best implement the latest features and also work out some of the kinks found in the launch. So far, the game has been met with unanimous praise. 


Early Optimism for HeroFi

The excitement for HeroFi’s full version is building as users have become privy to stunning gameplay footage through social media. The battles look like a rumble melee atmosphere where users send out multiple characters to fight an opponent. 

Users are able to earn points during battle mode to rise in the leaderboard after winning battles. Watch out, though, as a loss will cause a drop in points and the rankings. Winners are also rewarded with a random equipment prize for added incentives after winning.

“This is how a PvP combat of @HeroFiio goes! The winner of each battle is rewarded with points to get in the in-game leaderboard race. The loser will get minus points. And I’m dropping off the racing board,” tweeted user @ronnie_184 with the image below.


The early game features and footage is wowing users across social media, though there are some critiques. Some are waiting for answers about the value of the $HEROEGG token, which doesn’t have a use case in the beta version.

It is still a beta version. There is much to be excited about and still much to expect. HeroFi will be hosting an Ask Me Anything on Telegram with its Marketing Manager on Wednesday, September 15 at 13:00 UTC. Telegram, for any users who have questions. 

What is HeroFi? ‍

HeroFi is a mobile RPG game in which players can earn tokens through battles between heroes. Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to everyone. It will be completely free to play and play to earn once launched.

Where to find HeroFi:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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