HeroBattle AMA Recap

BSCDaily hosts HeroBattle  #NFTs #Blockchain #HeroBattle #PlaytoEarn #P2E

BSCDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome @TimwiseHeroBattle. How are you doing my friend?

Tim Wise_HeroBattle: so excited to join this AMA.

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright everyone  ANOTHER DAY – ANOTHER GEM

Q1: Can you give us a short introduction to what HeroBattle is?

Tim Wise_HeroBattle: Yes. Of course. HeroBattle is a super attractive role-playing game, with many ways to play, and most importantly, you can earn your profits through the game by completing in-game tasks to get what is usually your token.

HeroBattle. You can also compete against other players to win betting rewards. In addition to Play-to-earn in the game, our project also contributes to building the Binance smart chain ecosystem in the future. then we also have plans to expand the ecosystem in the later stages of the project

Q2: Can you share with us a little bit about the team behind this project? How confident are you in this fast-paced competitive crypto industry?

Tim Wise_HeroBattle: Yes, and I would like to introduce myself first. My name’s Tim Wise, I’m in charge of project development. Our team has 9 key members and about 15 others, including game developers, blockchain engineers, graphic designers. Although HeroBattle is the team’s first blockchain game project, we built it with passion and are confident it will be successful soon. And Some team members have more than 10 years of professional game development experience combined with young passionate blockchain engineers we will lead in this Defi game industry.

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright, great team builds great products. 

Q3: The entire market has become active due to the concept of GameFi, NFTs and Play to Earn(P2E). So what differentiates HeroBattle from others?

Tim Wise_HeroBattle: Yes, the Play to Earn(P2E) is the top trend of NFT games today. HeroBattle is also that.

Our difference is the attractiveness of the game, the game’s operating mechanism will make a difference with other games to earn money,

Many features you won’t be able to find in other games and of course, you will earn the profit while playing game

We have calculated and well-controlled the inflation in the game. reward distribution will be guaranteed throughout the long-term development.

Q4: Where can we buy HeroBattle native tokens? Does it get audited?

Tim Wise_HeroBattle: Yes we have our Presale on Dxsale at 4 PM UTC on August 30. pls check the information here:



 Pre-sale Time: 04:00 PM August 30th UTC time on DxSale.

 Hardcap: 1000 BNB

 Softcap: 500 BNB

 Min buy: 0.1 BNB

 Max buy: 2 BNB

 Pre-sale Rate : 1BNB = 20,000 HRB

 Listing Rate : 1BNB = 20,000 HRB

 Join our whitelist to get priority in the pre-sale and help HeroBattle spread to the community.

 Total Slots: only 800 wallets

 Most entries selection: 500 wallets

 Random selection: 300 wallets.

 All task link: gleam.io/tFUIH/hrb-whitelist-reg

 End Date: 8:00 AM August 29 UTC time.

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